10 Men Who Wear a Suit and Tie Best

Globes: Best Dressed Men
All the suit action at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards.
Justin Timberlake’s onto something.

Earlier this week, the singer finally returned to the music scene with a new single, “Suit & Tie” — and it’s already a hit. According to Billboard, the single is projected to sell some 330,000 downloads by the end of the week.

Produced by pal Timbaland and featuring verses from Jay-Z, the ode to men’s fashion celebrates men of style, including famed designers Tom Ford and Alexander Wang.

The popularity of “Suit & Tie” speaks to the growing focus on men’s fashion and what  Hollywood’s hottest men are wearing on the red carpet.

Though female artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga often incorporate style into their songs and performances, Timberlake’s fashion-focused single, and its menswear focus, is a rarity among his peers in the music industry.

And who better to pay tribute to men of style than Timberlake, who is not only one of music’s top talents, but also one of the red carpet’s best-dressed men?

So in honor of JT’s first single in seven years — and its fashionable lyrics — we’re taking a look at some of the industry’s hottest suit- and- tie-loving stars.

From Hugh Jackman to Ryan Gosling, Jamie Foxx to Timberlake himself, these dapper gentlemen know how to rock the red carpet in designer duds.

Whether they are going classic in an impeccably tailored tux or setting trends in new (or old!) styles and hues, we’ve rounded up the men of Hollywood topping a new best-dressed list.

Check out our gallery to see the 10 celebrities who always look good in a suit and tie.

Who do you think looks best in a suit and tie? Share your favorites below.

Lyrics for Justin Timberlake’s new single is now available on DirectLyrics.

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