Flashback Friday: Mark Wahlberg Shows His Rap Rhythm in ‘Good Vibrations’ (VIDEO)

Mark's Shirtless Evolution
Mark Wahlberg: from Calvin Klein model to leading man!
Each decade has seen the rise and fall of transient trends and fleeting fads.

In the 90s, slap bracelets made a fashion statement, Tamagotchis exemplified why kids shouldn’t have pets, Hanson caused MMMbop-loving tweens to go wild, and Beanie Babies ruled the world. But of all these novelties, few had the resilience to withstand the changing times like Marky Mark.

Today, you may know him as Mark Wahlberg– the outstandingly versatile screen star who can earn laughs hanging with a pot-smoking teddy in comedies like Ted or move the audience as a struggling boxer in hard-hitting dramas like The Fighter

His newest film, Broken City, stars Wahlberg as an ex-cop whose career was tarnished by a high-profile shooting, and left him with somewhat of a dirty reputation to proceed him. All is lost until New York’s mayor (Russell Crowe) hires him to follow his wife, and a web of scandal begins to unfold.

Sounds like the perfect role for a very 2013 Wahlberg.

But lose the shirt and add some cool moves and you’ve got yourself the king of the Funky Bunch.

Hip-hop group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch rhymed and chimed their way to fame in 1991 with cool, clean raps, abs of steel and choreography that wouldn’t quit. Their biggest hit, “Good Vibrations”, climbed to #1 on the Billboard charts, was nominated for a number of MTV Video Music Awards, and was eventually retired into the unofficial archives of greatest ever 90’s songs.

This success was largely due to the song’s irrefutable catchiness, and a music video that had girls everywhere drooling. In this clip, a young Marky Mark spends most of the four minutes pumping iron and playing up his perfect physique—after all, these were the days of the Calvin Klein underwear ads—all the while spitting his rhymes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang takes care of the “ooohs” and moves.

Check out the one and only Marky Mark running his raps in the clip above, and feel the vibrations!

And don’t miss Mark Wahlberg in his newest role as Billy Taggart in Broken City, in theaters Friday.