‘Fringe’ Star Lance Reddick Is ‘Ready to Move On’

'Fringe' Final Season
Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble talk Season 5.
“I’m ready to do something else,” FOX’s Fringe star Lance Reddick, who plays Phillip Broyles on the J.J. Abrams show, told Celebuzz.

“The character is very different from the way it was the first season. It’s a little like I’ve been playing the same character for two years, so I’m ready to move on. My background is theater, where I was always doing something different. I kind of want to get back to that.”

Before Fringe, the 50-year-old Yale University-trained actor who is often cast as authoritative figures (probably due to his deep baritone, shaved head and 6”4′ height) was probably best known as Cedric Daniels on the HBO show, The Wire. (Clearly, Abrams likes him as this is the second show he’s done for the prolific producer. He also played Matthew Abaddon on the last two seasons of Lost).

“It’s definitely the thing I’m most proud of being on,” he said of The Wire. But it still clearly rankles him that the show, which was regularly lauded as one of the best series ever made, failed to rack up awards like The Sopranos and other critics’ darlings.

“The Wire was never nominated for any award show ever. Not a single actor nomination or best series,” he pointed out. “The writing was twice nominated, but never won.”

Unfortunately Reddick says racism is to blame and that roles continue to be elusive for actors of color. “I just feel so often if it’s a black role and it’s a predominately white TV series, they’re the token role and it’s not even considered that a black character could play the lead.”

The actor, who also appeared in the music video for Jay-Z and Beyonce’s “03 Bonnie & Clyde” told us of one enlightening moment while joining a TV show’s castmembers, the director and producer for a late night drink.

“The producer was getting drunk and he was bemoaning how tough it was for writers in Hollywood. He said, ‘This is how little power a staff writer has on a TV show. They’re just above the black actress.’ This was a very powerful producer. My reaction was, ‘Oh, my God, somebody willing to tell the truth. But when I told someone white, they’d say, ‘That’s so offensive!’”

The Fringe series finale airs Friday at 8PM on FOX.

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