From Oscar Glory to ‘Gigli’: 7 Stars Whose Careers Crashed After Winning Awards (PHOTOS)

2013 Oscar Noms
A complete list of the 2013 Academy Award nominations.
A Bond girl. A hunter of man-sized sewer bugs. The lead in Boat Trip.

These are just some of the less-than-expected roles actors have taken on following their brush with Oscar.

This week, Jessica Chastain stars in Mama, a horror movie from a first-time director produced by genre luminary Guillermo del Toro. Although the pedigree of many of her collaborators is undeniable, it’s an unexpected choice for the Julliard-trained actress, especially after she received not just an Oscar nomination, but a Golden Globes win for her performance in the equally-acclaimed Zero Dark Thirty. And she follows in the footsteps of the actors and actresses above who took on some surprising — and unfortunately, unsuccessful challenges.

For some actors, their association with the Academy Award can become a curse that plagues their careers with very Movie Jail-worthy parts (cough, Halle Berry). Both winners and nominees of Hollywood’s most prestigious award seemingly become victim to its confounding downside, taking on truly baffling projects. (That said, a few of them managed to make a proper turnaround, but they were nevertheless stuck in the weeds careerwise for a few years at least.)

With Chastain chasing her Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated turn in Zero Dark Thirty with the ghost story Mama, Celebuzz looks back at 7 of some of Hollywood’s noteworthy talents and their most questionable post-Oscar choices.

The actors listed here reflect a range of both Oscar winners and nominees; once promising A-listers that are, despite their award-worthy talent, lucky now if they can be a clue on a crossword puzzle. (5 across is Mira Sorvino).

Have an actor or actress to add to our list? Watch the trailer for Mama, and then drop a name or three — and perhaps their most shameful role — in the comments below. 

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