From Oscar Glory to 'Gigli': 7 Stars Whose Careers Crashed After Winning Awards (PHOTOS)

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A Bond girl. A hunter of man-sized sewer bugs. The lead in Boat Trip.

These are just some of the less-than-expected roles actors have taken on following their brush with Oscar.

This week, Jessica Chastain stars in Mama, a horror movie from a first-time director produced by genre luminary Guillermo del Toro. Although the pedigree of many of her collaborators is undeniable, it's an unexpected choice for the Julliard-trained actress, especially after she received not just an Oscar nomination, but a Golden Globes win for her performance in the equally-acclaimed Zero Dark Thirty. And she follows in the footsteps of the actors and actresses above who took on some surprising -- and unfortunately, unsuccessful challenges.

For some actors, their association with the Academy Award can become a curse that plagues their careers with very Movie Jail-worthy parts (cough, Halle Berry). Both winners and nominees of Hollywood’s most prestigious award seemingly become victim to its confounding downside, taking on truly baffling projects. (That said, a few of them managed to make a proper turnaround, but they were nevertheless stuck in the weeds careerwise for a few years at least.)

With Chastain chasing her Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated turn in Zero Dark Thirty with the ghost story Mama, Celebuzz looks back at 7 of some of Hollywood’s noteworthy talents and their most questionable post-Oscar choices.

The actors listed here reflect a range of both Oscar winners and nominees; once promising A-listers that are, despite their award-worthy talent, lucky now if they can be a clue on a crossword puzzle. (5 across is Mira Sorvino).

Have an actor or actress to add to our list? Watch the trailer for Mama, and then drop a name or three -- and perhaps their most shameful role -- in the comments below. 

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  • mse

    I think this whole "Oscar curse" theory is highly exaggerated. Most actors take on "questionable roles" throughout their careers and while critics like to rub those in their faces, these roles usually don't actually effect their careers. In fact, a so-called-crappy blockbuster might just make them more bankable. Another thing about the Best Actress Oscar winners: these are usually women in their 30s who in a few years might decide to start a family and shift their focus for a while. That's the reason why we haven't heard much of a few of them since they won.

  • ragman2ndgen

    The Bond movie "Die Another Day" was not a bad movie. I have seen worst ones with Roger Moore, Sean Connery (the last one he did) and the one-time appearance actors. I would put this one in the above average category (7 out of 10 rating).

  • Lo

    Radio was a great movie!

  • Ellen

    I think the Academy has regrets now...

  • Ellen

    But hey, Cinderella Man was definitely not a bad movie, it was nominated at the Oscars. And she was nominated for a Golden Globe for Bridget Jones, I think her career sucks now because she is trying to get married.