Nothing But the Truth: Lance Armstrong Continues His Confession to Oprah (VIDEO)

Lance Confesses
Lance Armstrong admits to doping in interview with Oprah Winfrey.
After years of denying doping allegations, Lance Armstrong finally has all the answers.

The disgraced cyclist confessed to using “banned drugs and blood transfusions” in all of his seven Tour de France victories to Oprah Winfrey in an exclusive sit-down interview, which aired Thursday night on OWN. And in the second part of their chat, Armstrong continues his no-holds-barred revelations.

In a one-minute sneak peek, Winfrey grilled the 41-year-old (who began using performance-enhancing drugs in the mid-1990s) on his former sponsorship with Nike. The shoe and apparel company terminated its endorsement deal with Armstrong in October 2012.

“Nike called, they’re out,” he revealed about his sponsors, adding, “It was a $75 million day…gone.”

Armstrong went on to discuss the “most humbling moment” in his downfall: his disassociation with the Livestrong Foundation — a non-profit organization providing help with those diagnosed with cancer — revealing the exact details of his conversation with his former colleagues.

“We need you to consider stepping down for yourself,” he said they told him.

While the world may have turned against him, the father of five choked up about his lone supporter — 13-year-old son Luke.

“You heard that he was defending you. What did you say to him?” Winfrey asked as Armstrong was at a loss for words. Meanwhile, the former Olympian (his bronze medal was also stripped from his resume) revealed that his mother Linda is “a wreck.”

In Part 1, Armstrong admitted his “mythic, perfect story” was “one big lie” as he detailed his doping methods during his 2009 and 2010 comeback, hiding the truth in order to maintain the “momentum” of his fame.

The second part of the interview further delved into his future in cycling and his exact motives for speaking out.

“What do you say to the millions of people who are wearing Livestrong bracelets, to those millions of people who believed?” Winfrey asked.

Tune in for Armstrong’s shocking response in Part 2 of Winfrey’s interview at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN.

Did you watch the first part Lance’s interview with Oprah? Has your opinion on his doping scandal changed for the worse or better? Voice your opinion in the comments section.

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