Who Should Star in a Lance Armstrong Biopic? (PHOTOS)

With the recent revelations about Lance Armstrong’s long-alleged drug use – thanks, Oprah! – there’s little doubt that executives somewhere in Hollywood must be considering a biopic about the disgraced cyclist. And looking at the last decade-plus of his personal and professional life, there are several key players who not only would figure heavily into any story told about him, but provide some of Tinseltown’s hottest actors and actresses juicy roles to dig their teeth into.

To help Hollywood casting directors start thinking about who would be best suited for some of these roles, Celebuzz assembled a dream list of actors and actresses to populate the (seemingly inevitable) biopic — including key folks behind the cameras.

Click here to launch the gallery with our dream cast for the future Lance Armstrong biopic

What do you think of our choices? For Armstrong, we picked a Hollywood luminary who recently enjoyed his own successful comeback, while we chose a couple of bona fide icons for his female companions through the years.

As for a name for the film, how about Spin Cycle?

Let us know what you think of our choices in the comments section below — who do you think would be the best person to play these roles? Meanwhile, watch our Daily Buzz segment discussing the fallout from Armstrong’s recent revelations.

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