Expect a ‘High Body Count’ and ‘a Little Lust’ on ‘Deadly Sins’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Investigation Discovery’s second season of crime series, Deadly Sins, is in full swing and viewers can always expect the show to find a “sexy” way to tell its sordid tales of deception.

“We use the ‘seven deadlies’ of lust, greed, gluttony, envy, pride, wrath, and sloth as a way to analyze and try to understand extreme forms of human misbehavior,” host and executive producer Darren Kavinoky tells Celebuzz. “Extreme misbehavior may be a bit of an understatement; there are always dead bodies on Deadly Sins!”

There are other aspects to the show that set it apart from other crime series. One of them being its cinematic style. “The entire creative team, from the executives at Discovery ID to the ‘boots on the ground’ that shoot every scene, are perfectionists,” Kavinoky explains.

“They insist that every camera angle be scrutinized, every lighting option be considered, every bit of audio be delivered with clarity and proper inflexion. Fundamentally, they are all lovers of great TV shows and films, so it isn’t surprising that they developed a really gorgeous signature style.”

But, really, the series is all about telling a story. And it makes sure that no matter what the episode is about, there are aspects viewers can always rely on.

“You can also expect a little lust in every episode – this show is part of ID’s ‘Red Hot Saturday Nights’ lineup, after all,” exclaims Kavinoky. “And, it seems that of all the sins, lust is a fan favorite! Of course, given the title, you can expect a relatively high body count. And of course, you can always expect a little insight and a lot of sarcasm from me.”

On Saturday’s new episode, “The Playboy and the Seductress,” the series looks at two cases, which probably take a bit from each one of the deadly sins between them.

“We were particularly drawn to the case of David Mead [the Playboy], because it’s such a cautionary tale of what can happen when a lustful and gluttonous pathological liar begins to believe his own lies,” says the host.

On the second tale, the series follows the trail of Miriam Helmick [the Seductress], who moves from Florida to Colorado to escape her criminal past.

“But as the saying goes, wherever you go, there you are,” Kavinoky tells us. “And a lying, scheming, sinful woman like Miriam Helmick is not able to change her spots.”

Watch Celebuzz’s exclusive sneak peek at Saturday’s episode above.

Deadly Sins airs Saturdays at 9PM on Investigation Discovery.

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