'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore Battle Over Booties

On Sunday's episode of the Bravo show, the ladies square off over dueling fitness videos.

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'RHOA': Kenya Is Out
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You would think by now the ladies of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta would learn friendship and business just doesn't mix. Kim Zolciak shafted singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss on the proceeds of “Don’t Be Tardy for The Party." Sheree Whitfield accused NeNe Leakes of cutting her out of a lucrative appearance deal. And who can forget when Ms. “She by Sheree" and legal eagle Phaedra had words over Ms. Whitfield’s child support case?

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t viewed Sunday’s episode, “Battle of the Booty.”

On Sunday night's installment, Phaedra and Kenya Moore butted heads over Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” workout video. Last week, Phaedra, husband Apollo Nida and Kenya decided their joint business venture wasn't working, and ended their partnership. Instead of sulking, Kenya decided to create “Stallion booty," her own workout video. Guess Kenya's mantra is, "Don't get mad, get even... with someone else's creation"!

Phaedra and Apollo were livid over the former Miss USA's attempted booty video swap job! After all, they were the ones who came to Kenya with the idea of doing a workout video focusing on the gluteus maximus. How shady could Kenya be?

Let this be a lesson to reality starlets. Trademark your booty brands! I mean, hello Phaedra is an entertainment lawyer!

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Kenya twirling away after her showdown with Phaedra and Apollo.  Epic way to depart a room.

Thank you, TV gods.: Kandi calling Kenya out for jacking Phaedra's idea. Kenya you did, so own it already.

Awk-ward: Apollo demonstrating his fitness moves for the  DVD distributors. Is this a business meeting or a strip lesson?

Hotness:  Cynthia's dress at the hair show. Forget the hair, SHE was the main event everyone was watching.

Fab-u-lous:  NeNe and fiancé/ex-husband Gregg Leakes spending time with their "glam-daughter." How cute are they?

Can. Not. Wait.: Dying to see next week's show when Kenya confronts Phaedra for the trash talking she's done behind her back.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8.5

Was Phaedra right about Kenya stealing her idea? Should Kenya create her own video? Sound off below!

– Jillian Bowe

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  • toneya

    Michael is an idiot! You really think that 1)Porsche is reading this and 2) she would call a complete stranger on the internet to talk? She has family and friends.

  • Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    How can Cynthia get blame and Kandi doesn't? Kandi started it all by telling Phaedra what Derek J had to say about the video. If you blame one, the other has to get it as well.

  • TunedIN

    There is always one who tries too hard. Kenya has had zero success this entire season -- what is she trying to do ... living in the Miss USA past -- I wonder what that organization is saying about her as she uses their name on every show! Tacky!

  • TunedIN

    Because her skit to show up Phaedra was really ugly. They all have shared about each other -- run the tape! Kenya brings a different spin to the game -- I dont want my younger family members watching these ladies at all!

  • TunedIN

    Thank you Paulette. I thought that I was off where Cynthia was concerned -- I am very disappointed in her.

  • TunedIN

    I am amazed that Cynthia Baily is always the carrier of information. She saw her own work in play tonight. I really dont like her role and I would not recommend her for anything where she is promoting imaging. Shame ...shame.

  • Jane

    Kenya has made it interesting with how crazy she acts. she tries too hard.

  • Hey Love
    Hey Love

    Phaedra and Apollo have an idea not a product. They don't seem to know what moves they plan use or who the target audience will be. And they expect to get the video made for free. Talk about tacky and unprofessional! Kenya has won me over - first in her dismissal of the boring non-entity Porsha and now in demanding her due from Phaedra. None of these folks are ready for prime time but Kenya is the only cast member making this season remotely interesting.

  • Jethro Nededog
    Jethro Nededog

    I agree. It was presumptuous of Kenya to go forward and shop the video around for distribution. Phaedra didn't ask for that. She asked her to produce it, which are two very different things.

  • Paulette

    I thought this show had scraped the bottom of the barrel with Marlo last season, but Kenya makes Marlo look like a class act. What a delusional piece of trash! Mistaken for Beyonce? Beyonce's MOTHER maybe! Any guy who's not into her must be gay? Now that's a rationalization by someone who's truly desperate! Is Cynthia's passive-aggressiveness getting on anyone else's nerves. She needs to let that inner bitch out instead of pretending that she's nice when she's not.

  • Jane

    Real people would have their information already trademarked. was shocked Phaedra didn't have Kenya sign some sort of non compete clause since she is an entertainement lawyer

  • Carol Laverty
    Carol Laverty

    By the way, why do I have a feeling that this crazy Kenya is probably posting all over these blogs as other people praising herself? lololololol

  • Carol Laverty
    Carol Laverty

    lololol you mean the song that was literally a joke and even Andy Cohen made fun of it? Sorry whether they had a contract or not many professional people saw had that played out and I seriously doubt any real people would come to Kenya to produce a movie considering how she did steal an idea (contract or not, completely unprofessional). So by trying to be catty, Kendra has made herself look like a joke. Not that her movie credits weren't already a joke... She's has come off as bipolar and crazy this entire season. It's funny what a reality tv show will do to some people.... Bunch of blown up egotards.

  • Jane

    I think Kenya did not have one with Phaedra. If she did we know Phaedra would have use it againt her.

  • Tonia Ellegan-Adams
    Tonia Ellegan-Adams

    Hello! Has anyone ever heard of a contract? Kenya did not have a contract with Phaedra, she was still in the process of negotiations. She was ask to produce a video NOT distribute the video - which by the way she had not secured or executed the production contract so why would she assume they wanted her for distribution. All the work that she did was without consent or authorization. They had never discussed a distribution deal and she did not have any authority to use Phaedra's name without prior consent. If anyone has grounds for a suit, it would be Phaedra. However, I did like Kenya's little song - "Now Twirl."