‘Shahs of Sunset’ Star MJ: Pill-Popping Accusations Were Hurtful and Untrue (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

On a recent episode of Shahs of Sunset, star Mercedes “MJ” Javid did something rarely seen on reality television: She learned to forgive and forget.

It was a tough act to get through, especially when your friends are accusing you of pill-popping. But as she tells Celebuzz, she did it for a reason.

“I was very forgiving, because I thought, ‘How is the rest of this day going to play out if I just stick to how I was just wronged and accused of being a pill popper?'” Javid said in our exclusive video chat. “I just thought if I just put it aside for right now, there’s a lot to gain from being a forgiving person. But I can’t say that it was easy to come back and watch [the episode].”

In fact, Javid says she’ll get a second chance to air her thoughts on season 2’s just-confirmed reunion special.

“The reunion is definitely going to be a place to speak on behalf on the things that happened when I wasn’t there,” she said. Most of the things that Reza and Asa and Lilly did was when I was not even present. So I watched it with the rest of the world for the first time.”

“It made me really sad,” she added. “It was really hurtful, and it made me feel like the people in my life that are supposed to be the closest people have really let me down. It made me angry because the accusations are so untrue and hurtful and damaging that I just have to set my own example to contrast their false accusations.”

Shahs of Sunset airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

For more on our video interview, watch it now, above.

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