Inauguration Day 2013: What to Expect From President Barack Obama’s Star-Studded Day (VIDEO)

Celebs at the Inauguration
See which stars attended the 2013 Presidential event.
Today, hundreds of thousands of people will gather in Washington D.C., as Barack Obama officially celebrates the beginning of his second term as President of the United States.

Already, people are lining up at the Capitol to hear Obama’s much-anticipated second Inaugural address, which will kick off shortly after noon ET. His speech will be preceded by a number of star-studded performances by everyone from Beyonce Knowles to Kelly Clarkson.

And that’s just the beginning. In fact, Obama — who was officially sworn in as President on Sunday — has a full day ahead of him, filled with many luncheons, parades and balls, just to name a few.

How will it all go down?

Get a full rundown of today’s events, below.

Inaugural Address (12PM ET): After taking the Oath, Obama will deliver his second inaugural address on the steps of the Capitol. He will be preceded by a number of star-studded performers, including Beyonce Knowles, who will sing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’; Kelly Clarkson, who will sing ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee’; and James Taylor, who will sing ‘America the Beautiful.’ Also scheduled to appear: civil rights activist Mayrlie Evers-Williams, who will deliver the benediction; and poet Richard Blanco, who will read a poem.

To see the Inaugural Address in its entirety, watch the YouTube video stream, below, beginning at noon.

Inaugural Luncheon:The luncheon will follow at the Statuary Hall, where Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and about 200 guests will dine thanks to the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.

Inaugural Parade: Once that wraps, Obama and his family will take part in the inaugural parade, from the Capitol to the White House. At some point, they are expected to walk on foot for part of the route, a tradition that began with Jimmy Carter.

Commander-in-Chief’s Ball: Members of the armed forces will be honored by the President in a tradition that was started by President George W. Bush. Performers include Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Marc Anthony.

Inaugural Ball: At 6:30PM, thousands of guests will attend the Inaugural Ball at the Washington Convention Center, where they will be treated to performances by Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and fun., among others.

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