Here's How Justin Bieber Has Covered His Body With 11 Tattoos

A complete breakdown of the pop sensation's body ink.


He may still be in his teens, but Justin Bieber has gone under the tattoo needle more than most people do in their lifetime.

Over the years, the 18-year-old has racked up over 10 pieces of permanent body art -- and continues to expand his ever-growing collection.

On Monday, the "Baby" singer was snapped getting his 11th tattoo, a set of Roman numerals tatted on his right collarbone. Sporting only sunglasses and jeans, the Biebs was seen lying down as the number "1975" was inked on his chest.

What does the new tat mean?

Many Beliebers deduced that the number may be a tribute to Bieber's mother, Patricia Mallette, as she was born in 1975.

However, the Canadian crooner's latest ink is only one of the many designs he has dedicated to family members.

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In early January, Bieber got a black-and-gray version of the logo for the Stratford Cullitons -- a junior ice hockey team based in Ontario, Canada -- tattooed on his left shoulder blade.

“My grandfather always took me to the stratford culliton every friday night,” he wrote along with the snap of the body art, the work of Chente Rios, an L.A.-based tattoo artist who runs Under The Gun Tattoo Company. “This is for you Grampa (sic).”

Can't keep up with his ink? Celebuzz is breaking down Bieber's entire tattoo collection in our infographic, below.



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  • Belieber

    you dumbasses, read the article correctly. it doesnt say that Justin confirmed it was to do with his mom, beliebers 'deduced' that it was. so maybe justin got the number he wanted and it might not even be anything to do with his mum

  • Henry McCarty
    Henry McCarty

    sorry to RE-break it to you, Shanny, but 1975 converts to MCMLXXV in Roman numerals. Unfortunately, J to the B's tat reads 875

  • shanny

    Bieber got the numbers correct. 1 9 7 5 is = to I IX VII IV Instead of : nineteen -seventy-five= to MCMLXXV don't be a stupid cow !

  • Dylan Howard
    Dylan Howard

    What do you mean too dirty, Manilyn?

  • Manilyn Ramirez
    Manilyn Ramirez

    love all his tattoos but, too dirty!

  • Manilyn Ramirez
    Manilyn Ramirez

    @seven of nine : you are right!!! 1975 is actually MCMLXXV... he got a wrong roman numerals! mybe-- they made it just in a simple way!

  • hi

    His grandfather isn't dead, just sayin.

  • Seven of Nine
    Seven of Nine

    What a tool. He got the Roman Numerals wrong. HAHAHAHAHA 1975 is actually MCMLXXV.

  • lizcal

    So many religious tats biebs and what's up with his pants in this picture?!


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