How Being Justin Bieber Gets You Special Treatment

Bieber playing hockey?
The coach of Bieber's potential team says the team are fans.
How does Justin Bieber get over a break-up and get ready for a sold out concert at the same time? He blows off some steam, apparently.

While the pop star was in Nashville, Tenn. last week for a concert at the Bridgestone Arena as part of his national tour, he shelved his well-tuned talents — albeit for a moment — and instead, flaunted his famous swagger on a basketball court.

The 18-year-old heartthrob reserved the entire basketball court at the downtown YMCA Jan. 17 for a private pick-up game between the Canadian crooner and his back-up dancers, Celebuzz has learned.

“It was special and pretty private,” YMCA employee Sheena Wright told Celebuzz, in an exclusive interview. “I’ve never seen that happen before here.”

Nor, could bystanders.

“We blacked it out so no one could see inside,” Wright added. “Nothing like it has happened before at this facility.”

“So many people were wondering who was here. There were some ‘lookie loos’ and people asking questions about what was going on.”

Bieber has long been a big basketball fan: He is often spotted courtside in Los Angeles, even once locking lips with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, 20. The young couple called it quits for the second time in one month just after the New Year.

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