25 and Counting: Here's How Harry Styles Has Covered His Body in Tattoos

The One Direction star is racking up hit after hit when it comes to body art.


Harry Styles is addicted to ink.

Last April, the 18-year-old One Direction star was spotted shirtless in the Caribbean with only one tattoo in sight: his very first, the outline of a star on the inside of his left arm. But when Styles was snapped in the vacation hotspot again this January, his body was covered with a whole lot more ink -- with a total of 25 tats so far.

The "Little Things" singer’s latest tattoos include the phrases “Might as well…” on his lower left hip, “Can I cry?” on his left shoulder and the letters “LA, LDN, and NY.”  And that's not all.

The British boy bander is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers -- which explains why the American football team's logo is engraved on his left arm.

And Styles may even have a tattoo that’s linked to his past romance with Taylor Swift. The two actually went to a tattoo parlor together, with the 1D star walked out with a massive warship on his upper left arm at the end of the night.

But what does the battleship have to do with Swift? And what do his other tattoos signify?  Read on for a body map of Styles -- and the secrets to his never-ending ink.

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  • Bri (BrnBuRn)
    Bri (BrnBuRn)

    No matter what i will always be there for harry even if he get's a thousand tattoo's

  • Lance Debler
    Lance Debler

    This is so not hot.

  • Dylan Howard
    Dylan Howard

    How long before he gets a tattoo to commemorate his 38 days with Taylor Swift?!?!