5 Reasons Lindsay Lohan Should’ve Done ‘Dancing With the Stars’

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Did LiLo make a bad decision?

TMZ reported that Lindsay Lohan has turned down a $550,000 offer to appear on the next season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

The troubled starlet has been in hot water recently, both professionally and financially, with her back-to-back film flops Scary Movie 5 and the Lifetime flick Liz & Dick.

She’s also on Bravo’s bad side after her cameo on the reality show Million Dollar Decorators. The network gave the 26-year-old $250,000 worth of furniture to furnish her Beverly Hills home, only to have Lohan fail to show on the final day of shooting for the property’s big reveal.

While it’s unclear exactly what made LiLo say no to the dancing competition, it certainly couldn’t have hurt the actress’ reputation in Hollywood.

And while a show rep tells Celebuzz that it doesn’t comment on casting, we went ahead and compiled the top five reasons why she should’ve said yes to the dancing reality show:

1. She could use the money. TMZ reported that Lohan was struggling to pay the $8,000 rent for her Beverly Hills mansion in December 2012.

2. She’s practically uninsurable by Hollywood standards. While on the set of Liz & Dick, the star violated the terms of her insurance by crashing her Porsche into an 18-wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. If she could prove that she can get through a season of DWTS, that may change her insurance rep.

3. She would get another chance to win over the American public. Her Lifetime film, where she played a troubled Elizabeth Taylor, failed to impress ratings-wise and drew in a softer than expected 3.5 million viewers. Lohan’s exposure on the dancing show would be massive in comparison to her latest projects – giving her ample chance to become a household name for all the right reasons.

4. She would stay healthy. The actress has battled addiction and dramatic weight changes in the past, but the intense regimen of all day rehearsals could push the star to make healthier lifestyle choices.

5. Why not! Lohan doesn’t have many projects in the can as of now, and this would be a surefire way to make an impressive salary, and have a full-time job for at least a few months (depending on her dancing skills, of course). It would also give her a chance to prove that she can remain out of trouble, which would be excellent leverage for her attorney stemming from her recent slue of legal woes. It sounds like a win-win?

Would you have tuned-in to watch Lohan on DWTS?

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