Did 'RHOBH's' Adrienne and Paul Go on Strike? Alex McCord Weighs In (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG)

The former NYC housewife gives her take on Monday's episode of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

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Adrienne Maloof and then husband Paul Nassif returned to Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Monday’s episode. Was that fishy to anyone else?

Former NYC castmember and Brooklyn’s own Alex McCord is back with her video blog and her take on why the embittered couple spent some time away from the show’s cameras.

, I don’t know who.”

Of course, McCord lets loose on why she is none too pleased with the couple (at least for right now).

Additionally, the entrepreneur and author gives her insight into why the husbands are so much more involved this season. And why she thinks newbie housewife Yolanda Foster committed her first major misstep on the series and how Kim Richards is working her role on the show just right.

“It’s probably easier to deal with poltergeists, than housewives,” McCord jokes of Kim’s visit to a psychic.

Watch Alex’s video blog for RHOBH above.

And, watch her video blog for last week’s episode below.

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  • karen

    thoughts on Taylor's comments???

  • Mrm

    You didn't mention anything about Kim. Is it just me or did she appear to be on something during her interviews? #justkeepingitreal

  • Steven

    Some are saying Marisa looks like u. I don't see it. Do u?

  • Cynthia Beaumont
    Cynthia Beaumont

    OMG Yolanda is a snobby bitch! Good for her learning English the way she talked down to the workmen was so rude! Surprised she did not try to pay the workmen with lemons! Did she bring enough! Love your top, you look all business like with the color up.

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    CJ, I hear you. My point was not that she shouldn't encourage them to learn English, but that she was condescending in the way she went about it.

  • Gaspar Marino
    Gaspar Marino

    I agree totally about Marisa and her husband bashing. Her husband seems totally like a nice person and a gentleman. She should show him more respect, he comes from a very respected Hollywood family. I don't like Brandi at all and I am disappointed in Lisa and Ken in siding with her. All she is a wannabe, no talent whatsoever.

  • CJ

    I disagree with you on your comment regarding Yolanda telling the workers to learn English. She's only trying to help them, the sooner they learn, the better their lives will be. She's not American and is not thinking about anything besides giving them advice as a fellow immigrant. I am an immigrant in the country I currently reside in and the minute I got here I signed up and spent 20 hours a week for a year studying and learning the language so that I could assimilate. You lived in Europe and learned the native language of the country you lived in right? You should agree with Yolanda.

  • Denise U.
    Denise U.

    Your comments were dead on!!! Very interesting Alex...my first visit here and I really liked it!! Very very brutally cold here as well in Ontario, Canada!! :)