Note to Jessica Simpson: You Might Want to Avoid Reading This Story (EXCLUSIVE)

The singer/mogul could be the topic of a tell-all -- written by her boyfriend's ex-wife.

A dark cloud is about to loom over Jessica Simpson: her fiance's ex is planning to write a tell-all that documents the singer's involvement in her failed marriage, Celebuzz has learned exclusively.

Keri Johnson, the ex-wife of former NFL player/Simpson's main squeeze Eric Johnson, even has the makings of the tome ready and waiting -- and it'll chronicle the period when Eric starting dating Simpson while he was still married.

“She’s always thought about writing a book through their divorce,” a source said of Keri. "She actually started writing during the divorce to cope with what was happening."

So what would she reveal?

"She just wants to be honest. Keri wants to detail the divorce from her own perspective and what happened, and inevitably Jessica would be a part of that,” said the source. “She would talk about how they were so public with their relationship during her divorce."


Eric and Keri were married for five years before legally separating in October 2009 and filing for divorce in January 2010; within months, the former San Francisco 49er started dating Simpson. The two were even spotted celebrating the singer’s 30th birthday in Italy that July -- before Eric's divorce was finalized.

After a whirlwind romance and quick courtship, they announced their engagement in November 2010. In May 2012, Simpson gave birth to a daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson; just seven months later, she announced she was expecting the couple's second child.


Despite the drama, Keri's book has an objective other than revenge.

“Of course she was very upset, but Keri’s not going to make Jessica the focus of the book,” said the source. “She wants it to have a greater purpose and thinks she can share an interesting story. She wants the book to provide insight into how to cope with divorce and make life transitions.”

And the book isn't a done deal.

“She’s always struggled with going public,” said the source. “So she’s still 50-50 about writing it.”

Would you read Keri's divorce chronicles, or are you staying on Team Jessica? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • really??

    Also its not a tell all if only onesided.. lol

  • Amanda Gagnon
    Amanda Gagnon

    Honestly? Who cares. No one gives a crap about Jessica Simpson and that she may have stolen someones husband. This is just someone trying to make money off of a celebrity. In reality, no one cares about either of them, especially not a book about it. Please get a life.

  • really??

    Sounds more like a witch hunt after 3 years & money always talks when the money runs out in other areas. Its one ex story & interesting no one in three years has come out to trash him only his ex every so often ust to let you know she is around. If there was bad we would have heard it & seen something long before this so with that in mind this is a witch hunt & money grab.

  • Dylan Howard
    Dylan Howard

    Love a juicy tell-all!

  • really??

    Why does there have to be a team if its all not directed at Jessica & only is in regards to a failed relationship? I think it will be garbage & hold no purpose other then an bittered EX needing some cash. Her relationship with ERIC was over & divorce filed before dating. IT happens doesn't make it right or wrong. This woman keeps creeping in here every so often & she is the only one that has anything to say. All other indications are ERIC is a great guy with a failed relationship. Struggled with injuries from a NFL football career & was a super athlete .. NO DIRT on him anywhere so IM not sure whatever ex wifey has to say would make her look relavant or worth reading. She is in need of money & that is the bottom line. She wants visability & to still be relavant in some way. Sad actually she can't move on.