Prince Harry: Is He a Prince Charming or Dirty Harry? (POLL)

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With Prince William married and expecting his first child, all eyes look to the less-settled down Prince Harry – but which of his personas do people like more?

Though the 28-year-old is known for his partying ways — making tabloid headlines last August when he was photographed canoodling naked with a woman after a game of “strip billiards,” the third in line to the throne does work as hard as he plays.

Aside from working with his late mother’s numerous charities, Harry reportedly killed his first Taliban commander in Helmand, Afghanistan during a missile strike targeting a senior terror leader last December.

So is he really a Prince Charming or a Dirty Harry?

Seeing how the Prince has just been dubbed England’s most eligible bachelorCelebuzz took to our Facebook page to see which side the ladies fancy more.

A few readers prefer him to be a posh gentleman like his brother or his father, Prince Charles.

Jacqueline Johnson said: “Prince Charming for sure”

Leidee Diane Samson-Larisma said: “He’s just enjoying his life, still a Prince Charming…”

Colleen Meghan James said: “I love harry. He is prince charming.”

Meanwhile, some preferred his rebellious side, as it reminded them of Princess Diana’s spunky personality.

Leslie Cher Madrid said: “I like the fact that he’s not always prim and proper all the time. When he needs to be he is when he doesn’t he’s not. That’s what I like, he’ll never be king so what does it matter?”

Lotoya Browne said: “love me a dirty harry”

Blohm-Probst Linda said: “He is just one cool guy! He isn’t stuffy like his father & brother. He just wants to have fun!”

However, most agreed that they prefer Harry to be both a bit of a bad boy and a bit of a gentleman.

Maria Keeza Gallenero Omega said: “50/50 but anyway, i love him”

Sharon Dickinson Glanzer said: “Why can’t he be both Dirty Harry and Prince Charming?”

Kashiefah Kashy Diedericks said: “His living his life as anyone normal would so his both…”

Ashley Redmon: “Half and Half!”

Prince Charming or Dirty Harry: Which do you prefere? Let us know in the comments!

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