Selena Gomez Issues Warning About New Flick: It Sure Isn’t Disney!

Selena and Josh?
Gomez and Hutcherson leave Golden Globes party arm-in-arm.
If the brand-new trailer was any indication, Spring Breakers is going to be one raunchy movie.

Which is why star Selena Gomez is already warning people about its R-rated content.

“Iʼve done my best to warn the parents and my younger fans,” the former Disney princess told Celebuzz Saturday night at a benefit concert for UNICEF in New York. “Iʼll be 21 this year so for me itʼs been kind of refreshing and nice to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I didnʼt think I could do as an actress.”

“Itʼs been really fun for me,” Gomez, who in the movie plays a college student who robs a restaurant to fund her vacation, continued. “I do my clothing line and everything else for my fans. But 18 and older [fans], go see Spring Breakers!”

2013 should be quite the year for Gomez. Not only is she starring in Spring Breakers, she’s also busy recording her next album, which she says fans will be surprised by.

“I havenʼt really said anything about my album to anyone,” she admitted. “Iʼve recorded over 18 songs already and I still have a month and a half of recording left!”

“Iʼve never recorded this much in my life!” She continued. “Iʼm excited to do things that I feel people are going to be a little taken aback by and surprised with.”

Gomez went on to describe singing as “therapeutic.”

“When youʼre done, you feel so good. It releases everything and thatʼs been good for me.”Spring Breakers opens later this year.

– Written by Nicki Gostin

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