Superstars, Singing and Slow-Dancing: The 2013 Inauguration Balls (PHOTOS)

From Alicia Keys to Jennifer Hudson, see how the Washington soirees honored President Barack Obama.

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After all the pomp and ceremony, Washington let loose to celebrate Barack Obama being sworn in for a second term in the White House.

In his first stop of the soiree-filled evening, the president made a grand entrance with waves and a wide smile at the Commander-In-Chief's Ball inside the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, which also hosted the Inaugural Ball.

"This little party is just another way to say something we can never say enough. Thank you," said the POTUS, just hours after he swore the oath of office during the public inauguration in front of the Capitol. "Some may dispute the quality of our President, but nobody disputes the quality of our First Lady. Ladies and gentleman, my better half, and my dance partner, Michelle Obama!"

Then the first couple — with Michelle wowing in Jason Wu red — shared a tender dance, sashaying and singing along to Jennifer Hudson's rousing rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." As the First Couple danced to the soul classic, party-goers pulled out their cell phones and cameras to get a souvenir shot of the historic moment. Then the pair parted, each joining a military member for a dance before bidding adieu to the cheering crowd.

Later, Vice President Joe Biden escorted wife Jill onto the Inaugural Ball dance floor — emblazoned with the presidential seal — where they swayed to the sounds of actor-singer Jamie Foxx, who sang Ray Charles' "I Can't Stop Loving You."

Over at the Inaugural Ball — where dignitaries and dealmakers celebrated alongside donors and Obama devotees — Alicia Keys tweaked her hit "Girl on Fire" to honor President Obama's second term in office.

"Everybody stares as he goes by, cause they can see the flame [inaudible] his eyes," she crooned from her piano perch. "Watch him as he's lighting up the night. Everybody knows that Michelle is his girl, together they run the world… He's the president and he's on fire… Obama's on fire. Obama's on fire."

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Along with Keys and Hudson, a wide away of musical stars took the stage at the official balls, including Stevie Wonder, Brad Paisley, fun., John Legend, Soundgarden, Usher, Marc Anthony, Far East Movement and members of the cast of Glee.

Click through the gallery, above, to relive the most memorable moments from the Inaugural Balls.

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