Felicia Day Previews ‘Supernatural’s’ Celebration of LARPing

'Supernatural' Goodbyes
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The last we saw Charlie (Felicia Day) on The CW’s Supernatural, she was high-tailing it out of town with a one-way bus ticket and a new crop of scarring memories thanks to helping the Winchesters take on Dick Roman.

The computer genius and all around Geek Girl extraordinaire proved to be of great help to Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) once before, when they needed someone with her expertise to hack Roman’s computers. It has been over a year since the Winchesters have crossed paths with Charlie, but soon enough, they are going to need her particular brand of knowledge again when they stumble upon the death of a couple of LARPers.

“She has changed a little bit in she’s a little bit less innocent and more guarded… She’s a girl who’s kind of been on the run, so there are some issues! But she does have the same sparkle that she did when we last saw her,” Day said about her character to Celebuzz.

And wouldn’t you know it? Charlie has extensive knowledge about that world — and the particular game the two were playing when they were killed.

“I think Charlie’s a really smart girl, and whenever she would see the Winchesters, she’d probably expect there’s a danger. I don’t know that she’s thrilled [to see them], but certain circumstances collide their lives again… I do think she enjoys them  —  the guys — as people, though. I think there’s a really interesting dynamic between her and especially Dean in this episode that people are going to really enjoy.”

The last we saw Charlie and Dean together, he was in her ear, giving her flirting tips when she needed to sneak into her boss’ office. They parted ways with him calling her the “little sister [he] never wanted.” This time around, things get elevated when Dean has to go undercover, so to speak, in the world of LARPing — a world in which Charlie is kind of the Queen.

“There’s almost a budding camaraderie between the two that really has some fun moments during this episode. I just think her not being shy and not backing down and meeting people toe-for-toe [allows] for good chemistry with Dean,” Day said.

When Day got the call from Supernaturalproducers asking her to reprise her fan favorite role, the LARPing season story had already been broken and was in the press. Day admitted to following the early media on the show’s eighth season. And though she didn’t know if Charlie would be called back specifically for that episode, she certainly hoped that would turn out to be the case.

“Charlie really is an authentic fan girl without becoming a cliche. I identify with her as a person just because she loves what she loves, and she isn’t apologetic about it,” Day said.

“I love the tone of the episode because there’s a great love of LARPing in it. Really, it’s just a celebration of the LARPing community, when at the same time, obviously there’s high stakes and supernatural elements. It definitely builds throughout, and Charlie is an integral part of that.”

Whether or not you go into “LARP and the Real Girl” knowing anything about the Live Action Role Play lifestyle, Day felt the episode does a tremendous job at introducing and celebrating the lifestyle for all kinds of viewers. She called it an “event” and noted that the details from her custom-fitted Renaissance costume, to the swords and other weapons, to the background players all add layers that will make for a fun multipleviewing experience.

“The majority of the background players were real LARPers who wore their own outfits that were on par with the ones that were our costumes that the wardrobe department made. There is an authenticity that I think really shines through in the details. If you look closely in the background on your third or fourth watch, you’ll notice a lot of details that are really, really fun and that explain why people love LARPing,” Day said.

“There is a lot of care and detail taken that I, as a Renaissance nerd, really appreciated. Having a crown put on my head in a legitimate way — that’s my new headshot!” Day said.

Supernatural airs on Wednesday nights at 9PM on The CW.

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