‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Spencer Makes a Game-Changing Revelation (VIDEO)

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Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars brought everything we expected it to and more as Spencer (Troian Bellisario) learned the truth about a loved one and Aria (Lucy Hale) fought for her life.

I’ll just call this episode what it was – a game changer. Things will never be the same for Spencer, Toby (Keegan Allen) or the Liars after the reveals brought forth on the Marlene King-directed, “Misery Loves Company.”

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Tuesday’s episode, “Misery Loves Company.”

How are you feeling PLL fans? I feel like I need to ask because THAT, well that was tough to watch.

Spencer knows. And her heart and the fandom’s is broken over her boyfriend’s betrayal. But before we get into that, major kudos need to be given to Bellisario for simply destroying us in her last scene of the episode. It was absolutely heartbreaking watching Spencer realize the weight of what just took place, uttering, “Will you just tell me what I saw tonight wasn’t real?” as she broke down in front of Toby’s loft. Just devastating.

And for that matter, major credit should also be given to Allen for the reason this revelation has been so gut wrenching. He’s played Toby so well that fans had easily forgotten about his anger when the show started, making the truth of the situation that much harder to take for both the characters and audience alike.

And King knew she had to make the reveal just a bit harder to watch by having the truth come out on the couple’s anniversary. It hurt just a little bit more knowing how excited Spence was to surprise her beau on their special day. The actual scene – complete with a slap heard ‘round the world – was such an epic and painful moment; it will be hard to top it during the rest of the season.

But the revelation of Toby wasn’t the only part of Tuesday’s episode that had us gasping. The news about Byron’s (Chad Lowe) lady is in and it’s official – Meredith (Amanda Schull) is a psychopath.

She spent the whole episode drugging poor Aria while looking for the pages of Ali’s diary detailing the deceased teenager’s blackmail of Byron Montgomery. Ali (Sasha Pieterse) warned Aria of the danger, albeit in a dream. Aria and dream Ali have a conversation where she hints at Spencer finding out who “A” is and Meredith drugging her.

After waking up and realizing Meredith is crazy and that she locked her in her room, Aria tries to defend herself, only to be knocked out and put in the basement along with Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) who attempted to come save her. Eventually, her father comes to their rescue.

Byron also came clean about seeing Ali on her last night alive, admitting he never told anyone because of how bad it looked. And though I’m not sure if this is important yet or not, Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) makes an appearance during his story. After offering to go to the police with the information, Aria decides to believe her father’s innocence and Meredith is gone.

Meanwhile, Paige (Lindsay Shaw) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) have decided to team up to help their significant others with the “A” situation.

And yet another important revelation from “Misery Loves Company” – Mona is NOT the one calling the shots on the “A” team. Speaking to her fellow revenger Toby, she tells him, “They [the Liars] need to understand that she’s in charge.”

But just who is SHE?

Buzz Moments:

OMG: Despite knowing it was coming, I think I literally uttered, “Oh my God,” at least 10 times when Spencer confronted Toby. An insane, crazy, epic, and awesome scene.

Thank you, TV gods.: For this episode! It was fantastic!

Awk-ward: Spencer’s look when Toby brought her flowers made me wonder if she knew something was up – now we know – she had seen his Radley ID.

Hotness: Is it part of Keegan Allen’s contract that he is shirtless at least every other episode? I feel like it must be. In any case, I really don’t mind.

Fab-u-lous: I loved Spencer’s Diane Von Furstenberg shirt and skirt during the episode, but I am obsessed with Rebecca Minkoff handbags and covet her blue MAC!

Can. Not. Wait.: For the next “Spoby” scene and for Spence to tell the girls about his “A” team status!! I’m sure insanity will ensue.

Celebuzz (1-10): 10. Without a doubt, this was one of my favorite episodes of PLL to date with tons of plot development and one of the biggest game changers in Rosewood ever. The fact that this reveal wasn’t left for a finale makes me think major things are in store for the rest of this season.

OK, now it’s your turn, what did you think about the big revelation? Who do you think is really pulling the strings on the “A” team? Give us your thoughts and theories below!

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