Should Beyonce Confess to Lip-Synching?

PR guru Howard Bragman weighs in on the Beyonce Inauguration controversy.

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Should she admit it?

The news that Beyonce was lip-synching her "Star Spangled Banner" performance during the 2013 inauguration has raised many questions, including why did she do it -- and will it hurt her career?

Howard Bragman, the Vice Chairman of, weighs in on whether or not the singing snafu will effect the top singer's career.

Bragman says "this isn't controversy" at the end of the day. He said, "It doesn't effect anything."

"This was a historical moment that she wanted to be her best and it was an amazing performance," he adds. "It was beautiful."

But should the "Crazy in Love" singer come clean with her taped sing-a-long?

"This is not the court of law, she's not being sued, it was an exceptional lip-synching performance," he said.

At the end of the day, the PR heavyweight says that Beyonce's performance won't effect her career and that "she has a thick skin and she'll get beyond this."

Do you think that she should release a public statement? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Kim

    This is just another example of Dishonest Democrats .... Just how much did it cost the American taxpayer to have someone stand up and pretend to sing?

  • sheila

    why don't more people care that Beyonce can't read music than they care if she lip syncs? there are only 2 notes in "banner" not 3 in the National Anthemn. If you ever took music lessons you know that. And, personally, I don't find it likeable for celebs to make "personal renditions" with the National Anthym. Sing it like it is or shut up.