What Does He Know? Rico’s Hustle Doesn’t Include the Ladies (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Peek: MTV's 'Failosophy'
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We’re used to Rico’s lack of direction on MTV’s new series Washington Heights. But, he may have used up his free passes on Wednesday’s episode. And Celebuzz has an exclusive sneak peek.

We’ve all been there when an argument about something isn’t really about what it’s about. There’s usually something bigger in the mix. That’s what happens on the next episode of Washington Heights.

Rico and brother Fred start talking about how women fit into the picture and then it escalates into a shouting match. But, the deeper problem here is Rico’s lack of direction, right?

Watch our exclusive sneak peek above.

Washington Heights airs Wednesdays at 10PM on MTV.

Do you think Rico knows what he’s talking about? Or, is it time for him to stop spouting off about things he doesn’t know?

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