25 Fiercely Fit Bikini Bodies (PHOTOS)

From Jessica Alba's gams to Stacy Keibler's abs, these ladies know how to keep fit and have fun in a two-piece.

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For some of Tinseltown’s hottest stars, having a bikini-ready body is no walk in the park.

Just ask Jada Pinkett-Smith, Stacy Keibler, Halle Berry -- or their trainers.

“Halle’s body looks 10 years younger, at least,” the actress’ trainer Nat Bardonnet told Us Weekly last fall, adding that the mother-of-one follows a strict routine that includes squats, leg raises, lunges and pushups.

In honor of feeling good and staying healthy for the beach or vacation -- whatever time of the year -- Celebuzz is taking a look at 25 of the fittest bikini bodies in the business.

For George Clooney’s main squeeze, we found out from Keibler’s trainer last year that it’s all about a well balanced diet.

“She loves eating organic and eating raw, and sometimes she’ll be a vegetarian during meals or over periods of time,” according to Juliet Kaska, whoalso trains Kate Walsh and Ali Larter.

“But she also loves food and enjoys it. She has that balance of being able to go out for a great dinner while still taking care of her body and treating herself healthy.”

Several supermodels, including Erin Heatherton and Alessandra Ambrosio, also make the list. They too, are fans of keeping everything in moderation.

“I work out two days and then I need a rest day,” Candice Swanepoel revealed last November. “Then I work another two days, then I rest again . . . it’s just about fine-tuning it.”

Check out the gallery, above, for 25 of the fittest bikini bodies in Hollywood. Then tell us: who do you think has the best bikini body? Have you tried any of the workout plans the stars swear by? Weigh in below.

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  • Abbey

    Audrina's calendar has precious few good angles, unfortunately. The majority of the pictures were taken from a photo shoot done during the "Audrina" TV show for a 2012 calendar that was never released. The 2013 calendar is disappointing for us Audrina fans. The very best pictures from that photo shoot were not included in the calendar.

  • John Walters
    John Walters

    There is a big difference between fit and just too damn skinny! I like women to be ether curvy (what a lot of gay fashion designers would call fat) or tone, slim with muscular definition.. I think the reason models are being told they must be skinny to the point of being unhealthy is because to many of the designers want to work with young boy like women. Sorry XXY males women are meant to have body fat so curves are GOOD! Nothing makes my skin crawl more than to see a woman with big breasts and her ribs showing, that screams "I have had a Boob Job". Fake breasts are the worst, if you want big breasts EAT SOME FOOD! Don't go under the knife. I admit it I LOVE WOMEN! I do love women but since I love God first and more I keep my hands on only one woman my wife. I only clicked this post was to voice my opinion that American Female Models need to stop listening to men who don't like women and start listening to us guys who do.

  • Sunshine

    Julianne looks so fit and beautiful, but not unhealthy. Perfect blend of master piece meets humanity.

  • Sunshine

    Gotta luv Jen. Getting your body back in that kind of shape after carrying twins has been nothing short of amazing.Way to go JLo.

  • Sunshine

    Courtney GF, flaunt those beautiful curves. you look better than most 28 year olds.

  • Sunshine

    LeAnn - love you but think this new body image of yours isn't near as attractive as the old LeAnn. Maybe a happy medium could be found? Not sure but I don't find the chisled look very attractive on a woman, especially you. No disrespect intended, just my opinion.

  • Sunshine

    pretty girl, just think she could add some more curves. she's flat in too many places.

  • Sunshine

    Hayden has all the right curves in all the right places. Beautiful petite girl.