Ghosts Give Bathing Tips in ‘Haunting in Connecticut 2′ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Although it’s still unclear exactly what ghosts in Georgia have to do with spooky stuff in New England, a young woman seems to be struggling with strange and terrifying visions in Haunting in Connecticut 2.

Subtitled Ghosts of Georgia, the sequel follows a couple who moves to the South, only for their daughter to begin experiencing weird visions and unexplained phenomena in their new house.

In a new clip exclusive to Celebuzz, the young woman, Lisa (Abigail Spencer) is curled up in a bathtub, only to find herself being attended to by a ghostly woman offering some maternal advice.

She seems aware of the figure’s intentions immediately. “I know, Mama,” Lisa says.

The figure speaks. “Listen to me, Lisa,” it says. “I have something to tell you.”

“Just be a good girl – and listen to your mother.”

Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive clip from the upcoming film. And then let us know in the comments section below: how excited – or anxious – are you about the horror sequel?