Grizz Chapman on the End of ’30 Rock’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Of all the characters on NBC’s Emmy-winning comedy 30 Rock, it will be especially hard to say goodbye to Grizz, who over seven seasons went from Tracy Jordan’s quiet back-up man to one of the funniest characters on the show.

Grizz Chapman, the actor who, duh, plays him, recently swung by the Celebuzz studio to talk about the show’s final episode (January 31) and what about it that ultimately brought a tear to his eye.

“I think the true fans of 30 Rock will definitely like how it ends,” Chapman told us. “It’s definitely going to be a tear-jerker for all the true fans.”

In fact, wrapping production on the show was so emotional, even Chapman says he shed a tear.

“There’s a table where the craft service people prepare the food,” he said. “Ninety-nine percent of the time when we’re shooting, that’s the only place where they have seats. So we’d come there and sit there. Seeing that table for the last time brought a tear to my eye, because me, Tracy [Morgan]Kevin [Brown], we spent a lot of time together at that table. Tracy Morgan, holding court every day, that was his soap box area.”

“It definitely brought a tear to my eye, not [being able to see] that area for awhile,” he said.

For more thoughts from Chapman, including a tease of how his character will wrap, watch the video, above.

While in the studio, Chapman also revealed his thoughts on how his character, Grizz, evolved over seven seasons, plus his thoughts on what co-star and long-time friend Tracy Morgan is like when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Check that out in the videos, below.

Grizz Chapman on His ’30 Rock’ Character’s Evolution

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