Guess the Five O’Clock Shadow

Statham Stocks Up
He and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley prepare for July 4.
Jason Statham never met a gun he couldn’t strike an iconic pose with, or a vaguely European villain he couldn’t kickpunch.

The owner of the beard equivalent of Zoolander’s Blue Steel – and the best electric razor in the history of shaving – Statham continues to blaze an action hero trail with his new film, Parker.

To celebrate Parker’s release and The Stath’s career, Celebuzz invites you to play “Guess Which Jason Statham Film This Image is From.”

The best part about Statham’s films? He looks the same in all of them. Seriously, he never changes. Blame that stubbly face suit of his.

The rules are simple: Click on the gallery, stare at that handsome mug that’s almost entirely made of of five-o’clock shadow, and guess the movie that goes with the picture.

Drop your guesses in the comments section. Cool? Cool.

What’s your favorite Statham movie? Watch the following clip from Parker and then tell us your pick in the comments section below!

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