‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’ vs. ‘Parker’: Box Office Battle (POLL)

A badass criminal and two witch-hunting siblings are set to challenge one very pissed-off ghost mom for the box office crown.

This weekend’s Box Office Battle finds last weekend’s champ, Jessica Chastain’s horror film Mama, duking it out with new releases Parker and Hansel & GretelWitch Hunters. It might be slim pickings at the multiplex this weekend, but one of these films will have bragging rights come Monday.

But which movie will win the weekend?

In one corner, Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez hope their new crime thriller Parker draws in the action movie crowd in the way that The Last Stand did not.

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Based on Donald E. Westlake’s pulp crime novel “Flashfire”, Parker casts Statham as a double-crossed thief looking to score some payback; Lopez’ corrupt real-estate agent goes along for the ride.

The last time the Parker character appeared on the big screen was in 1998’s Payback, starring Mel Gibson, which was based on another one of Westlake’s popular Parker novels. That film went on to be somewhat of a box office success. But judging by this new film’s reviews, a similar outcome for Parker seems unlikely.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters sat on a very tall shelf at Paramount for two years, and now the studio is finally unleashing it.

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Jeremy Renner (The Bourne Legacy) and Gemma Arterton play the titular characters, based on the popular fairy tale. The movie has not been screened for critics, which is typically not a good sign. Still, fans of people wearing leather while killing supernatural things that hiss a lot won’t want to miss this one.

Do you think this week’s new releases can dethrone Mama? Sound off in the comments.