Kanye Showers Kim in Over $100k of Jewelry (PHOTOS)

Pregnant Kim Kardashian tweets blinged out Cartier wrist thanks to dad-to-be Kanye West — and we've priced it out.

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All gold everything.

Kanye West just showered his baby mama Kim Kardashian with over $100,000 worth of Cartier bracelets.

The brunette beauty was so excited about her recent gift that she posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, "the Don strikes again! #SoLucky!!!"

And that she is… Celebuzz broke down the pricing for each item to see exactly how much dough Mr. West dropped on his leading lady.

First up is the famous Love bracelet in yellow gold with pave diamonds throughout. The bangle set West back a whopping $37,700 but that didn't slow down his shopping spree one bit.

Kardashian also received a yellow gold Panthere bracelet complete with onyx and emeralds for a staggering $29,000 – and that's the price of the bracelet without diamonds. (Don't worry, he bought the diamond-encrusted one for his leading lady too.)

Finally, West surprised Kardashian, 32, with a stunning oversized Juste un Clou bracelet – the brand's latest design masterpiece that retails for $36,000.

Nothing out of the ordinary will do for West's girlfriend, he only spoils her with the crème de la crème of what the jewelry world has to offer.

Are you shocked by West's extravagant purchase for the mother-to-be? Weigh in below.

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  • kh2873

    You don't have to hang on each other to have a genuine relationship. Nor do you have to look like Elvis to get a woman...

  • janice

    go girl , enjoy!

  • Robbie

    They are people, just like we are people. When we are excited about receiving something from that special someone, we want to show it off. Whether it be material or not... Yes, there are staving people in this world, but is that Kimye's fault? She's happy, he's happy, they're happy... Let them be happy! A lot of people who make these negative rants sound jealous! 0_o And Kanye was her man prior to being her 'baby daddy'... I guess people are trying to degrade their relationship by using this term... Still doesn't seem to be affecting them! Hmm... They're still living good and looking good... and Smiling! So... Stop hating!!

  • ashley

    That's sweet! It's his money to spend however he deems necessary. I hope these two stay together. People just need to accept the fact that she isn't going anywhere, she use to annoy me, but it is what it is.

  • AlaBella

    There are people on this earth starving to death. Good for them if they have the money to buy his kind of jewelry, but showing it off like they do is tacky and indecent

  • mary

    love u kim

  • hotwasabi21

    So, can anyone tell me why the Kardashians are relatable? That's what they've said on interviews, but just because you use social media, does not make you relatable! Using Instagram to post $100,000 of jewelry your baby daddy bought you is not relatable to the majority of Americans!! The Kardashians and Kanye live in an alternate universe where material wealth and possessions are everything. I can't stand the attention these materialistic ego-maniacs get!

  • Thai

    True! However he purchased all of them for her.:)

  • MsKittyCat

    OMG..like she really needed more!!!

  • Enrique Jabares González
    Enrique Jabares González

    That's not true at all, Kim already had two of these bracelets. :)