Kardashians Slam Former Stepmother

Kim and Khloe Kardashian go on a Twitter rant against ex step-mom Ellen Pearson, challenging her to 'get a job!'

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Kim and Khloe Kardashian aren't too thrilled with their former step-mom, Ellen Pearson.

On Thursday, the two reality TV starlets took to their Twitter to slam Pearson, who married reality starlets' father Robert Kardashian Sr. in 2003 two months before his death, after she openly claimed their mother Kris Jenner had beaten her children in the past.

"So my dad's ex is selling ridiculous stories again to tabloids! Do not believe it! Sad when people need $ & get desperate," Kim, 32, wrote. "10 yrs since dad passed &this woman he married 4 2 wks before he died needs 2 get a job instead of trying 2 destroy families w fake stories."

"PS that story that my mom beat me & threatened to kill me hahahhahaha! I'd beat her! JK truly laughable!"

Likewise, Khloe, 28, had some heated words for Pearson.

"You have no right to even mention our names especially my mothers! We don't know you!!! How dare you spread such lies! You are a disgrace," she tweeted following her sister's Twitter rant. "10yrs after my fathers passing&now that she has filed for bankruptcy... NOW she sells FALSE stories. Hope that money buys you water in hell."

On Jan. 16, Khloe took to her blog to slam tabloids for spreading false reports claiming that she's not Robert's biological daughter.

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  • sly2012

    Maybe Khloe should tell her mom-ager to stop feeding the press these stories! Don't blame the fans, blame your mother!!

  • exposer1121

    Has anyone ever really looked into Lamar's background like the several high schools he attended and several colleges which the last one the University of Rhode Island was put on sanctions and the coach Jim Harrick was fired for having grades changed for his players who barely if all didn't go to class and also that school boosters and agents where illegally paying most of the players. He is also has a very bad addiction to candy. After every game he has his vehicle stuffed with sour patch kids and gummy bears and I am talking a lot. I once heard that he could only read at a 5th grade level.

  • trish

    Wow khloe don't u eat anymore? You're so thin..look great!cb

  • Vicky Pisani Douglas
    Vicky Pisani Douglas

    Khloe and Lamar have the strength to IGNORE the haters, and like she said when the good Lord is ready to bless them,those babies will fill up their home!!It's great that they looked up the BILLING'S OVULATION METHOD..that one works..

  • terri

    well these tabloids shouldnt be allowed to sell these mags because its all lies.. thats slandering peoples names under false pretenses... i dont buy the mags because there all lies...