Should Alex and Jo Hook Up on 'Grey's Anatomy'? (POLL)

Cast your vote on whether the two characters should become romantic on the ABC medical drama.

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Over the past nine seasons on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, we've seen a lot of characters hopping in and out of bed with each other.

And one character who's had more than his fair share of the ladies on the show has been Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and this season he's got a new possible love interest in the form of one of his interns, Dr. Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington).

At the beginning of the season, Alex and Jo didn't get along very well at all. Alex thought she was a spoiled brat and Jo thought he was a big, mean jerk. As it turns out, both of them were wrong. And in recent episodes, we've started seeing the two of them growing closer together.

So far, the relationship between Alex and Jo has just been a friendship. But with Alex's track record, it seems like it could just be a matter of time before he sleeps with her. Then again, since the two of them have found they have so much in common, could it be that Alex is maybe maturing to where he can have a friendship with a woman without having sex with her?

Should Alex and Jo hook up? Cast your vote below, then tell us what makes you feel that way in the comments below.

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  • Michelle Carlbert
    Michelle Carlbert

    Good point. I guess I just see his friendship with Jo as different. He seems attracted to her, whereas he hasn't shown that attraction with the others. So I wondered if he'll decide that, even if he is attracted, it may be better to stay friends with Jo.

  • Tracy

    "could it be that Alex is maybe maturing to where he can have a friendship with a woman without having sex with her?" Um... Alex has friendships with women he hasn't had sex with (Meredith, Cristina, even Arizona could be considered a friend) so I don't get this. He's been friends with Meredith all the way back since season 2 and they've never crossed the friendship line.