Beyonce Lip-Syncing at the Inauguration Was 'The Best Case Scenario'

HLN Host Jane Velez-Mitchell talks about Beyonce's lip-syncing controversy.

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Beyonce at Super Bowl 2013
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Four days after President Obama's inauguration ceremony, Beyonce is still under fire for her "pre-recorded" performance of the "Star-Spangled Banner."

The singer has yet to make an official statement about the controversy, but a number of other celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, LeAnn Rimes and Katy Perry, have expressed their support.

Aretha Franklin, who had difficulty singing in the cold weather during Obama's 2009 inauguration, told ABC News, "she did a beautiful job with the pre-record … next time, I’ll probably do the same."

HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell had supportive words for the 31-year-old singer.

Velez-Mitchell noted that it hasn't been confirmed that Beyonce was actually lip-syncing. "We all know Beyonce can sing, boy can she sing. The worst thing is for somebody to be off-key because it’s freezing and their throat is cold. I’ve seen that happen where you have major stars performing live and you can tell that they’re off their game and that’s not pretty.

"So, I think this was the best case scenario for everybody involved."

As Beyonce puts this scandal behind her, critics will be closely watching whether she sings live at Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3, where she's set to perform during the halftime show.

Do you think Beyonce was in the right to lip-sync during her inauguration performance? Does she deserve the backlash that she's receiving in the media? Weigh in with your comments below.

Jane Velez-Mitchell hosts the hit show Jane Velez-Mitchell – airing at 7PM EST on HLN — and tackles the most controversial events with a wide range of viewpoints. Check out for more details.

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  • brenda

    Jean, it was wrong on all accounts at this historical event. Beyonce sets the precedent for lipsynching at the presidents inauguration. As someone else said, her backing tape was not just her voice. Her tape was doctored to make her sound better. The Washington Post spoke of this doctoring of her backing tape also. Another person added; What you hear is a machine altered, timber added, volume pumped, trebelo induced, cut and edited, spliced and cut version. It is OK, even beyond OK, if one was to say, Beyonce could not be here live or do this live, but we present her best of national anthem version via the wonders of digital editing."

  • Becky

    I don't think it's fair to say Beyonce "would have nailed it" ... when is the last time she sung live?! On the same token I think it is beyond laughable that Michelle Obama is being 'praised' (almost) about her EYEROLL and disrespect when John Boehner was speaking.... I wonder what would have happened if a BLACK person was speaking and a white woman reacted that about controversy... but ... since it is REVERSE RACISM I guess it is okay.... I like what you said about Kelly not getting any recognition though. She didn't - she has sung live from the get go... beyonce NEEDS 'studio magic' - that's a FACT.

  • Chad Kennedy
    Chad Kennedy

    Thanks for your comments! I think Beyonce should have sang live too. She probably would have nailed it and avoided all of this controversy. Kelly did a great job and, sadly, due to this controversy she hasn't received much credit or recognition.

  • Jean

    It wasn't too cold for Kelly to sing and she did a fine job. The National Anthem should never by lip-synced.

  • Jean

    It wasn't too cold for d a fine job. The National Anthem should never be lip-synced.

  • Becky

    come on's not the fact that she lip synched - it's the fact that she wanted everyone to believe she sung live! (you kelly clarkson etc...). The fake ear plug pull out was my fav part, lol! fake photos, fake performance, fake pregnancy....the list goes on. beyonce is a clown - who never gets called on her antics.