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Good afternoon, Celebuzzers! We’re excited to kick off a new feature that celebrates your awesome contributions to the site.

Beginning today, we’ll feature some of the best comments made by you, our beloved readers, each and every Friday.  If you would like to be featured, simply leave comments on your favorite stories throughout the week!

Read our favorite comments after the jump.

Without further delay, here are our favorite comments of the week:

“So fake boobs are OK but fake singing something you already sung before is not? ‘Murica…” – Gael, making a very fair point about Beyoncé’s ongoing lip-syncing scandal.

“Aging well? Is she 60? Is she wine? WTF” – Bee, who wishes Doutzen Kroes a very happy 28th birthday.

“haylor should never ever ever get back together…….like ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – heather, who, we’re guessing, is not a Taylor Swift + Harry Styles fan…

“JLo and Katy Perry’s defense of Bey do not count because THEY can’t sing.” - durnt, who thinks some people need better credentials before rushing to  Beyoncé’s defense.

And this week’s “You Care Enough to Comment” Award goes to…

“Who cares?” – Me, weighing in on Prince Harry.

And that’s all for this week, folks.  Remember, if you want your comment featured next week, be sure to leave comments on your favorite stories!


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