Deja New! If Kate Can Do It, So Can You

Hollywood's most notorious fashion repeat offenders, including Kate Middleton and Jessica Biel, show you how to double your wardrobe for free.

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Kate's Fashion Repeat
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They may have the hottest designers clamoring to dress them, free clothes arriving at their doorsteps daily, and ample clothing budgets to buy all the designer duds they aren't gifted -- but that doesn't mean they won't be caught dead wearing the same thing twice.

Quite the contrary. Rather than a fashion faux pas, fashion repeats -- a dress/bag/sweater/pair of boots/insert any clothing item (notice we said item, not outfits) worn on more than one occasion -- is what helps to distinguish the stars with real style from the rest of Hollywood's well-styled celebs.

Sure, they're incorporating new pieces into their wardrobes all the time, but these women also know how to mix and match what's already in their closet to create fresh looks.

Rather than being slaves to each season's trends, true style stars Alexa Chung, Kate Middleton, Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel adapt the latest looks to fit their personal style by pairing them with the staples already in their closet. Their genius styling tricks, which allow these trendsetters to repeat pieces in non-obvious ways, is why we love stalking their style.

A dress as a blouse? Why not? Navy and black? How chic! Peplums and midi skirts? It can work! Leather skinnies with ... everything? Instant edge.

Since most of us don't have the luxury of not repeating the same pieces over and over again, creative mixing and matching is the key to avoiding stale style.

Want to double your wardrobe without buying a thing?

Steal these genius styling tricks used by Hollywood's most notorious fashion repeat offenders.

How do you remix your wardrobe? Share your tips and pics below.

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  • miss.rouso

    when it's a beautiful dress or outfit.. why not wear it again?! what a waste wearing something only one time! there are people out there that don't have anything but we make a big deal about someone repeating their clothing. just not right.

  • amandahitt

    I agree -- mixing and matching is the key to real style. Knowing how to incorporate new and old pieces of clothing is key to dressing well and not wasting things. I wish I had enough money to never wear the same outfit twice, but hey, if you love a piece of clothing, why not wear it twice, right??

  • joeldavid

    This article was absolutely refreshing. When did it become a crime to repeat pieces just because you have enough money to buy more? As someone who considers himself somewhat style savvy I think the true challenge lies in making the same piece feel different when you wear it again. Style isn't always having access to the latest trends. It's about making a statement using the pieces you've got. Also, let's be real, Kate Middleton would good wearing ANYTHING.