‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Arizona’s Pain Is More Than Phantom (VIDEO)

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap
Can Owen make everyone happy?
On this episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) has a problem that only Owen (Kevin McKidd) can help her with, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) both do things they haven’t done in a long time and the hospital gets some assistance with the financial issues.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Thursday’s episode, “Walking in a Dream.”

OK, so of course, I’m going to talk about my favorite parts of this episode and those would have to be everything involving Arizona’s phantom leg pain. Not because I particularly enjoy seeing her in pain, especially after she’s been through so much, but because it created such an interesting storyline. I don’t know a lot about phantom pain and I found myself fascinated by all the things she had to go through on this episode.

I also loved that part of the story, because it gave Owen the chance to do more than just be an accessory for Cristina (Sandra Oh). Hey now, don’t start throwing rotten fruit at me. If you’ve read any of my other Grey’s recaps, then you know I love me some Cristina and Owen romance. But, it’s nice to see him be the good guy that we know he is every once in a while. The way he stood up for Arizona and kept helping her work through her issues was great and it made me love him more than I already do. Watch a pivotal scene again above.

Another favorite part of this episode was everything involving Meredith and her raging hormones. I wondered when they were going to start using her pregnancy as a means for comedic relief and they did that very well on this episode. From her being horny, to crying at the drop of a hat (whether happy or angry), I got a kick out of her story. Plus she got on a plane (yay!) and Derek did his first big surgery (yay!).

Under the so-so bits of this episode, I’d have to say it was the whole storyline involving the hospital’s financial woes. It makes sense and is certainly an interesting story arc, but again I can’t call it a favorite when it’s causing so much emotional trauma for everyone. It was bad enough that the docs had an accountant following them around all day, but when Miranda (Chandra Wilson) made that crack to Derek about not everyone having millions of dollars, I knew that things are going to get very tense between the doctors who have the money and the ones who don’t.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Arizona’s leg turning into glass and shattering. I know it was just a dream, but still.

Thank you, TV gods.: Derek’s patient waking up with his hearing and with a face that worked. Yay Derek!

Awk-ward: Shane (Gaius Charles) trying to make conversation with Meredith by describing all the things that she would be going through in her second trimester. This guy is the king of awkward.

Hotness: The new EMT. Can we say “yum”?

Fab-u-lous: Arizona and Callie sitting on the beach in their bathing suits and enjoying some fruity drinks — in their imagination.

Can. Not. Wait.: To see what happens if the hospital tries to shut down their E.R.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9. For the Owen and Arizona storyline alone, this one gets high marks from me.

So what did you think of “Walking in a Dream”? Got any favorite bits, so-so bits, okay bits or least favorite bits of your own? Do you think Arizona’s phantom pain is over now that she’s learned to handle it? Let me know in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

– Michelle Carlbert

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