Lorenzo vs. Milan: Baby Shoe Showdown (PHOTOS & POLL)

Whose baby is cuter: Snooki's or Shakira's?


It’s a cele-baby shoe showdown between Snooki’s Guido-to-be, Lorenzo, and Shakira’s newborn, Milan.

Snooki, 25, tweeted a picture of her baby boy’s Jordans Thursday, saying, “LORENZO'S FIRST JORDAN'S ❤❤❤”

The tweet was only a day after Shakira’s boyfriend, Gerard Pique, tweeted a picture of their baby’s personalized kicks, reading, “Milan’s feet!”

There’s no question that “Baby’s First Shoes” pictures are a classic way to drool over other people’s kids, but the real mystery is: which baby wore their shoes better?

While the Jordans are a mainstay for your typical New Jersey tot, Milan gets major street cred for the branded sneaks.

Shakira, 35, gave birth to her son just this Tuesday -- and it looks like he’s already setting a trend in Hollywood.

Who has the more pumped-up kicks: Lorenzo or Milan? Sound off in the poll, above.

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