Kim Speaks Out About Booze Ordeal: ‘Everything Was a Challenge’

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After a rough couple of years, which included battles with alcohol and a stint in treatment, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards says she’s focusing on the positive things in 2013.

In fact, she tells Celebuzz she’s now feeling “great.”

“This last year I’ve just really been focusing on sobriety and it’s been great. I would never want to lose the way I feel today. This is so amazing,” Richards — who entered rehab in 2011 — said in our exclusive video interview, above.

Getting to that point, however, was a struggle, especially when she first left treatment in 2012.

“There’s this thing they tell you that when you first get sober,” she said. “There are people who experience the ‘pink cloud.’ They come home and they’re like, everything’s great! I did not have the pink cloud. I came home and everything was a challenge for me.”

“I just thought everything was going to be the way I wanted it [to be], and I thought it was all going to be this way, because I was back. I was home,” she said. “And it just wasn’t like that.”

On the road to recovery, Richards says she faced struggles with her kids, as well as having to deal with the deaths of her uncle and dog of 17 years.

“Nothing was glorious and perfect as I thought it was going to be. I had a lot of work to do, and a lot of challenges.”

Now, though, Richards says she’s finally experienced her own version of the pink cloud, albeit in a different way.

“I feel like I’m almost glad I didn’t have that pink cloud [right away], because this year’s been a challenge; a lot of work. I feel like now, I woke up on 2013, and there’s my pink cloud. It’s there, and I worked really hard for it. It’s not a pink cloud; it’s not this, like, big pink poof. It’s more like, I worked for it, here it is, it’s come, and it’s like, “Ahh! It’s here!”

Meanwhile, Richards also had to face a number of issues with her sister and co-star, Kyle, which has unfolded throughout the series.

In a recent episode, she finally pulled Kyle aside to apologize for everything that has gone down between them over the years. To hear her thoughts on that conversation, watch the video, below.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Monday nights on Bravo.

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