So Many Movie Stars: 6 of the Best Ensemble Comedies on Celluloid (PHOTOS)

Snooki Makes 'Movie 43'
The 'Jersey Shore' star appears in the new comedy.
With Movie 43 opening this weekend, a seldom-explored subgenre returns to rear its ugly head(s): the raunchy, star-studded comedy is finally back on screens. Since the 1960s, Hollywood has assembled top-notch talent en masse in order to wring laughs not only out of the quality of those cast, but the sheer quantity of people on screen, trying to be funny.

Unfortunately, audiences have recently been left with eye-rolling efforts at the ensemble mash-up – films like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve offered god-awful scripts with lackluster characters for even their most formidable talents, wrapped up in nice, neat bows and saccharine-sweet payoffs.

But the sharp edged, sketch-inspired vibe of Movie 43 brings to mind not just classic comedies like Kentucky Fried Movie, which offer a cavalcade of actors in series of comedy sketches, but a few others from film history that we thought might be worth mentioning.

Watch the trailer for Movie 43, and then let us know in the comments below — what are your favorite ensemble comedies? And which great ones did we forget?

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