TLC’s’ ‘Plastic Wives’ Peek: He’s Superficial and I Love Him! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'Totally T-Boz' Drama
Can TLC get back together?
I’m not about to judge how people define love.

But, listening to how this wife describes her husband on TLC’s new series, Plastic Wives, would make me think she’s planning on leaving the guy.

“He’s so judgmental,” Veronica describes her plastic surgeon husband in Celebuzz’s exclusive sneak peek for Sunday’s episode. “When I first met him, he had five scales in his bathroom.”

“So, even if I start gaining a couple pounds,” he says. “He notices it and he’ll call me out on it. It can be annoying.”

But, this is the world of gated communities, big paychecks and high expectations of physical perfection. And, clearly, this wife is willing to overlook the challenges – especially on her birthday.

Watch the our preview above.

Plastic Wives airs Sundays at 9PM on TLC.

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