Justin Bieber Goes Acoustic (VIDEO)

Justin's New Tattoo
Justin Bieber gets inked on his leg.
Before Justin Bieber battles it out with Destiny’s Child with their new releases Jan. 29 — Believe Acoustic and Love Songs drop on the same day — Beliebers can feast their eyes and ears on his live video for “As Long As You Love Me.”

The video, which premiered Friday afternoon, features the 18-year-old singing — you guessed it — an acoustic version of his hit single.

Accompanied by Dan Kantner on guitar, and a roomful of screaming fans, the Biebs delivers his laid back performance. (Sleeveless jean vest included).

The release of Believe Acoustic is an important one. If the album debuts on top of the Billboard 200 chart next week, Bieber will make history as the only artist to have five number one albums to his name, all before blowing out candles for his 19th birthday.

Now what a sweet present that would be.

Believe Acoustic drops Jan. 29.

How do you think Justin Bieber’s fifth album will fare next week? Are you looking forward to acoustic versions of his songs? Weigh in below.

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