Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess Attempt to Fight Gravity (VIDEO)

Kirsten and Garrett Bike
Kirsten Dunst and beau Garrett Hedlund spend the day on two wheels.
Can love outlast gravity?

That’s the question posed by Juan Diego Solanas’ new sci-fi romance Upside Down, starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess.

The problem for the two, who play love interests, is that they’re from opposing worlds: that’s two planet Earths, with two different societies and rules.

“I come from the only known solar system with two twin planets, each with its own and opposite gravity,” Sturgess’ character Adam says in a voiceover.

“Now in our world, it’s possible to fall up and to rise down.”

After getting caught together, Adam and his ladylove Eden (Dunst) fall back into their own world (thanks to gravity), and Adam devises a plan to visit the other world.

The film, which has already been released in Canada and Russia, is slated for a Mar. 15 release in the U.S., followed by an Apr. 17 opening in France.

Check out the new trailer for Kristen Dunst and Jim Sturgess’ new flick, ‘Upside Down.’ What do you think of the story about love and gravity? Weigh in below.

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