Harvey Weinstein: I Should Have Played James Bond in ‘Skyfall’ (VIDEO)

Look Back At Bond
Daniel Craig reflects on the character's legacy.
Presenting Harvey Weinstein, movie star?

On Saturday, the award-winning producer hit the red carpet for the annual Producers Guild Awards, but his attention quickly turned to the latest James Bond movie when he talked about his own gems, Silver Linings Playbook and Django Unchained.

“You know, it’s great that Silver Linings and Django can join Skyfall [at the box office]. That was my favorite James Bond movie,” Weinstein told Celebuzz.

“They just cast the wrong guy as Bond. Daniel [Craig] is a great friend of mine but let’s face it. I could’ve done much better in the part. Please tell him I said so.”

This isn’t the first time Weinstein has gushed about 007.

Many many moons ago, a young Weinstein snuck into his first Cannes Film Festival to catch a screening of Once Upon a Time in America. Before he knew it, he was on the verge of trouble, and seconds away from his first encounter with Bond himself.

“I sneak into the Palais, and I am about to get thrown out of the theater. My borther and I are sitting on the steps next to these guys in tuxedos. An di hear a voice, ‘Leave the boy alone,’ and it’s Sean Connery, I swear to God,” Weinstein told Reuters in November 2012.

“And whenever they left I watched the movie on the seat. And Connery just [said], ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘We snuck in.’”

For more of our chat with Harvey Weinstein from the PGAs, check out the video, above.

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