Tatt-le Tales of Your Favorite Stars

Celebrity Back Tattoos
See which stars have ink on their backs!
Stars With Tattoo Regrets
Celebrities who regret getting a tattoo for a loved one.
Careers in the performing arts aren’t the only ways celebrities are expressing themselves — and they’re certainly not shy of using needles in the process.

A-listers such as Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and Angelina Jolie have used ink to permanently brand their individuality. Do you know your celebrity news well enough to match the stars with their tattoos?

Some of these entertainers have not one, but a growing collection of tattoos. On Monday, Bieber, 18, was snapped getting his 11th tattoo: a set of Roman numerals tatted on his right collarbone. But the Canadian crooner isn’t the only musician who’s inked Roman numerals on themselves.

Another shining star got LXXVI – which stands for 76 – on the nape of his/her neck. The tattoo is reported to reflect an important family member. Can you guess who?

Or how about the “YOLO” tattoo, standing for “You only live once,” that’s etched on the side of someone’s right hand?

Play our game and see if you can match the celebrity – Harry Styles, Rihanna, Scarlett Johnasson, Zac Efron, Angelina Jolie, Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Snooki – with their body art.