Celebuzz's TV Lover Showdown (POLL)

CB wants to know which show has the most dedicated fan base. Vote!


Calling all avid TV watchers and fans! It’s time to step up to the plate and support your No. 1 show.

Celebuzz has compiled a list of our favorite series and we want to ask the ultimate question.

Which Celebuzz fave TV show has the most dedicated fans? We know it’s so hard to choose.

Are you a Gleek? A Vampire Lover? Want to see the “A” team go down? Or are you hoping for Emily’s ultimate payback? Maybe you’re into traveling the nation battling ever-changing demons? Or are the entanglements at Seattle Grace tugging on your heartstrings?

Nielsen can measure ratings, but we want to know which show has the most dedicated fan base – that’s what we care about.

Which show has the most loyal fans? Cast your vote below and come back every day this week to vote again.




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  • SPNer

    I think SNP broke the poll

  • Casgirl


  • samgirl88

    Superntural all the way

  • Jenneel

    Is this poll over ? Why can't I vote? I hope Supernatural is the winner...like...always! SPN family is the most loyal and dedicated fandom! Go SPN fans!!! Supernatural forever!!!

  • sarah

    supernatural n only supernatural...!!!!

  • Virginia

    Supernatural always then Vampire Diaries.

  • Pam

    Supernatural is just spell binding :-) Once you start watching it: Resistance is futile - You will be assimilated

  • Tinamarie Corbo
    Tinamarie Corbo

    SPNDaughter is SO wrong!!! If she would pay attention, she would see that the writing for SPN is some of the BEST on t.v.. The research ALONE is amazing! Think about it; they need to reference Theology, Ideology, Mythology, Folklore, Urban Legend, and about 9 DEAD languages!!! And that's BEFORE they write the dialog, storyline, and resty of it; throwing in horror, with a touch of buddy-flick, action, and comedy! What kind of daughter are you?

  • Cindy Platts
    Cindy Platts

    The SPNfamily won the People's Choice Award for favorite fandom. We are a force to be reckoned with plain and simple. Supernatural for the win!

  • castiellovesdean


  • trenchcoatgod

    Some more than once.

  • Kari

    Sam: "So get this-- You remember when Balthazar zapped us into our real-fake lives?" Dean: "Oh yeah, the uh...the Ackles and Padaleski mumbo-jumbo." Sam: "Lecki. Padalecki, but yeah. Apparently the fans of our show or whatever are now competing with the fanbases of the competitors." Dean: What? [picks up his pie and shuffles behind Sam to read over his shoulder at the computer screen.] Why? Sam: I have no idea, but look-- We're winning. [tilts the computer screen up towards Dean] Dean: What the hell is an "SPNfamily". Sam: I dunno, but they seem pretty close and dedicated. Dean: Yeah, but /why/? They get their rocks off by watching us trigger the end of the world or something? Freaks. [stuffs his mouth full of apple pie] *Enter the sound of fluttering wings off camera. Dean and Sam turn simultaneously to the familiar visage of Castiel* Castiel: Dean, Sam, we need to go. Now. You two are not safe here. Sam: Cass? What's up? [closes the laptop and quickly stands up, tension flooding his nerves] Dean: I was wondering when Crowley would catch up with-- Castiel: It is not Crowley, Dean. It's... It's worse than I imagined. Sam: Uh, okay? So what is it? What do we need? Castiel: ...I am going to need a fandom banishing sigil. There are men and women coming in the masses-- I think they might already be here. Dean: ....Wh...what? Sam: [sets his jaw] ...SPNfamily.

  • Huntress

    Supernatural - 58% Well, that was fun. But seriously, what did you expect? We won PCA. We have an actual award made of crystal for being the most dedicated (obsessed) fandom.

  • Joy

    Supernatural FTW! <3

  • Margo

    SPN because quite a few of us have at least attempted to summon a demon and sell our souls to help a character i show. .-.

  • sorin246

    SUPERNATURAL IS THE 1# FANDOM OKAY i still love the other ones too <3

  • Desizinnia

    Supernatural, I am so emotionally attatched to this show and it's characters.

  • Sobrenatural Brazil
    Sobrenatural Brazil

    Supernatural!! \o/

  • Desizinnia

    I understand you so much, Supernatural is also going through the same lately >,< But we have hope, yes! I hope things get better for both shows (and that in Spn Dean and Castiel get together finally, so much wait for them to even kiss at least! <3)

  • Stephanie-Nicole

    spn obviously. <3

  • FamilyBusiness

    Sorry folks, you lost the minute they put Supernatural on the list.

  • chriscross

    Supernatural all the way. Duh!

  • TARDISGirl

    Greys Anatomy!! I love Greys. (However, DOCTOR WHO should be on this list, its the best show ever IN HISTORY)

  • cass-booty

    Supernatural all the way!

  • sarah

    Vampires diaries or Gosip Girls

  • sanam

    reveng and always revenge the best show on tv :)

  • franksmama

    I miss 666!!!!

  • SPNDaughter

    To be honest with you, the SPNFamily goes through the exact same thing. Except, we also have to watch everyone we ever get attached to die.

  • SPNFanatic

    Supernatural Fans come in droves and leave polls in shambles. I'll send flowers to the other shows funerals.

  • SPNfan :3
    SPNfan :3

    Revenge? The Vampire Diaries? Bitch please! SUPERNATURAL of course!! <3

  • A Simple Hobbit
    A Simple Hobbit

    Glad to see that we've pulled ahead. Roar on fellow SPN fans! Roar on!

  • Kadysn

    Supernatural, of course! We are award-winning, after all.

  • SPNFamily

    The SPNFamily is an award winning fandom. We've never let Supernatural down in a poll EVER. The Fandom knows, and the Fandom is coming!

  • Nicola Denise Warner
    Nicola Denise Warner

    It's true, word of this poll is spreading fast and we're on it. We're already level with Revenge and about to go into the lead. :)

  • A Simple Hobbit
    A Simple Hobbit

    I'm sorry but you guys are going to have a hard poll ahead of you. Supernatural is involved... It has an award winning fandom. They haven't let Supernatural lose a poll yet and I doubt they'll let that happen now after earning that title.

  • Brianna R
    Brianna R

    I actually gotta be honest about this, I think the Gleeks take the cake for this one. Do you have any idea what we have to go through? Terrible writing, out of character moments, story lines that make absolutely no sense-- not to mention that a show that used to be so progressive is actually moving backwards at this point. And it actually breaks my heart. But apparently we're strong enough to still pull through. I'm only in it for Klaine.

  • Nicola Denise Warner
    Nicola Denise Warner

    Well Supernatural of course! The word is out - the fandom are on their way!!! :)

  • someone :)
    someone :)

    Revenge always

  • Jennah Blau
    Jennah Blau

    I would just die if I missed a single episode of Revenge! It is hands down the greatest show on television. I AM OBSESSED!

  • Terrell

    I cannot miss "Pretty Little Liars" ever it is my favorite show

  • SPN fan
    SPN fan

    Ummm...excuse me! Award winning(PCA) fandom, SPNFamily..DUH!!!

  • Matt Russoniello
    Matt Russoniello

    None of the above! I vote for: http://scarletregina.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/fine.gif