Justin Bieber ‘Not in the Happiest Place’ After Split From Selena Gomez

'Believe: Acoustic'
Five reasons we can't wait for The Biebs' new material!
Break-ups are never easy, even when you’re an uber-famous celebrity.

So it’s no wonder, then, that Justin Bieber is having a rough time moving on from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

“I’m not in the happiest place that I’ve ever been,” Bieber, 18, told Billboard magazine in an exclusive cover story. “I’m trying to get through what I’m going through. Like I said, I have my really close friends to cheer me up and keep me going.”

Bieber and Gomez first split last November. According to multiple reports, the young couple tried to patch things up numerous times before they officially called it quits over New Year’s.

Since the split, Bieber says he’s making sure to avoid reading about it on the Internet.

“There’s so many rumors,”he said. “People say I call Selena every day and she won’t pick up the phone or I’m chasing her down, and these are all fake stories.”

“I don’t go on blogs or anything like that. I hear things. People tell me if something happens on the Internet. It gets back to me, definitely,” he added.

Bieber, 18, also chalks up the entire experience to growing pains.

“I’m 18,” he said. “I have a great team around me. I have great friends. We have a blast. They keep me occupied and keep my mind off negative things. It’s funny when people are like ‘You’re 18. What have you really gone through?’ I’m thinking, ‘What do you mean? When you were 18, you don’t think you went through that stuff?'”

“When you are 18, you’re going through that transition. You have a high school girlfriend, you might not. Going to college. Figuring yourself out, leaving home.”

Bieber recently wrote a new song called Nothing Like Us, which he tells Billboard is about his breakup from Gomez.

The song is one of three brand-new songs featured on his new CD, Believe Acoustic, out Tuesday.

To read Billboard’s full interview with Bieber, click here.

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