Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Canyons’ Costar Calls Her ‘Childish’ on Set

Lindsay Lohan Arrested
The actress is charged with third-degree assault.
You know it’s not looking good when a porn star slams you for not being “professional.” In the latest Lindsay Lohan drama, her costar on her upcoming movie The Canyons, porn star James Deen, slams the 26-year-old actress for her child-like behavior on set.

“In porn I am used to working with professionals who are courteous to others. But Lindsay was like a child lashing out,” said Deen in The Sun.

Lindsay has already come under scrutiny for picking this film — a sexually-charged thriller about a group of young people in L.A. — to help “resurrect” her career. Written by Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) and directed by Paul Schrader (Auto Focus), the movie was turned down by Sundance, and was recently rejected by South by Southwest festival for “quality issues.”

But that didn’t stop Lohan for pulling diva fits on the set, including one where she refused remove her high-heels during a close-encounters scene with Deen.

“I am a short guy and it looked ridiculous with her towering over me in seven-inch heels,” said Deen, 26. “But she refused. She was crying and screaming that she was the star of the film.”

Though in the end, Deen said he feels sorry for the struggling actress. “She is so fragile you can’t help but feel for her.”

Do you feel sorry for Lindsay? Are you excited to see The Canyons or do you think it will bomb?

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