Sexy Hollywood Stars Over 40 (PHOTOS)

Celeb Moms Over 40
Check out these hot mamas.
Hollywood’s 40 and over club has never looked better.

Some, like Cameron Diaz, Kate Walsh and Elizabeth Hurley, rely on Pilates classes, while others, like Julianne Moore and Padma Lakshmi, put in plenty of cardio hours.

For Gwen Stefani, who’s always turned heads with her rock hard abs and toned figure, it’s all about putting in the effort.

“There’s no secret: you just have to eat healthy, work out, and torture yourself!” the 43-year-old told Harper’s Bazaar last year.

Having kids paints a completely different picture when the stars want to work out, but there’s always room for both.

Naomi Watts, who has two young boys with partner Liev Schrieber, recently told Australian website Body + Soul that it’s all about what you eat.

“I like to cook. As a mum, you end up cooking at least three or four times a week,” the 44-year-old said. “I pretty much always have fish and vegetables or roast chicken. The boys like protein.

Attitude is also a big booster.

According to Jennifer Garner’s trainer Valerie Waters, the 40-year-old actress worked out during and after her pregnancy. (Garner gave birth to her third child nearly one year ago).

“She’s strong and can kick it into gear — no question, bring it on!” Waters told PEOPLE last summer.

Check out the gallery, above, for the 25 hottest celebrity bodies over 40. Then tell us: what do you do to keep in shape, at your age?

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