Yes, Really: Chris Brown Brawls Again...with Frank Ocean (VIDEO)

Cops were called after the two reportedly argued over a parking spot.

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Frank Ocean Comes Out
Frank Ocean
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Chris Brown has his fists up yet again.

The Grammy-winning singer is being investigated following an alleged brawl with fellow R&B singer Frank Ocean outside of a Los Angeles-area recording studio Sunday night, according to the Associated Press.

After responding to a report of six men fighting, authorities found an almost-empty scene at the Westlake Recording Studio in West Hollywood, Calif. Though Brown had left the locale, Ocean stayed to speak with the deputies, according to TMZ. Witnesses said that the brief bout was over a parking space and that Brown threw the first punch.

"At this point an arrest is not likely, and he will not be charged for leaving the scene," Steve Whitmore, the senior media advisor for the Los Angeles County Sheriff, told Celebuzz. "A minor scuffle happened. Battery is unwanted touch and a misdemeanor. We are currently investigating what happened."

While officials have not identified the victim, it seems Ocean was the man on the receiving end of Brown's alleged assault.

"got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol," Ocean wrote following the fray, adding he wishes Everett, his Bernese mountain dog, had been by his side. "cut my finger now I can't play w two hands at the grammys."

At the upcoming awards show, Ocean will vie for six awards for his Channel Orange.

This isn't the first time Brown — who is still on probation for the 2009 assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna — has exchanged blows with Ocean. On Twitter last summer, Brown compared Ocean to "a young James Fauntleroy or Kevin Cossum," triggering the "Thinkin' Bout You" singer to bite back by equating Brown to "a young sisqo or ike turner" and explaining he "don't like underhanded comments."

The war of words quickly escalated, with Brown spewing expletives as Ocean's Odd Future collaborator Tyler, The Creator jumping to his friend's defense.

Sound off: Do you think Brown is out of control? Tell us below.

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  • lobsterman

    A multi-millionaire tying to act "thug". What a joke!

  • CJ

    We're all just waiting for Chris Brown to finally get arrested for one of these incidents. It will have to be something major that the cops can't dismiss. Just a matter of time....

  • Matt Russoniello
    Matt Russoniello

    But, I mean, to be fair, who HASN'T assaulted a fellow human being over something as minor as a parking space or a verbal misunderstanding or a bag of fun-sized Kit-Kats. SOMEONE MUST FIGHT THESE BATTLES!

  • BB

    Im sorry but these men are who the youth are listening to and for them to fight over a PARKING SPACE? Are you freaking kidding me? Way to show these teens growing up, what REAL MEN DO!!! You're suppose to only fight when its defending your self, or protecting someone you love, thats getting hurt... other than that Its childish and they shouldn't be who the youth is looking up to!

  • Cory Lopez
    Cory Lopez

    I agree, Toni. I thought Ocean was trying to avoid the all the drama that goes down in hip hop. But we can hold out hope that his actions were in self-defense.

  • Toni

    Fighting? Are they 5 years old? Immature and booooring. I thought Ocean was cooler than this.