Caption Contest: Do You Belieb in Angels?

Justin Bieber Performs on the Believe Tour at the AmericanAirlines Arena
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UPDATE: The winners of the Justin Bieber caption contest are below!


"To infinity and bey-ouch!" - Ale Zajermonerone

Runners Up:

"Have no fear…Cherieber is here!" - Krystal Vance

"I belieb I can fly!" - Rabia Hussain Khan

Congrats to the winners! For another chance to win, check out today's caption contest!


Welcome back to the Celebuzz Caption Contest! Today, we've got an... interesting... picture of Justin Bieber wearing giant wings made of instruments for you to get funny with, but before we get to that...

Check out the winners of yesterday's Celebuzz Caption Contest here!

Looks fun, right? Wanna play? It's super simple:

1) Type your caption out in the comments. Alternatively, you can use photo-editing software to add a caption to the photo and upload your entry into the comments.

2) Have fun and be creative!

3) Check back tomorrow to see if your caption has been selected and for a new caption challenge.

So now that you know the deal, add your caption to St. Beiber by leaving a comment below.

See the full-size image after the jump.

Here it is, today's Celebuzz Caption Contest photo:

Justin Bieber Performs on the Believe Tour at the AmericanAirlines Arena

Leave a comment with your caption below. Good luck, and have fun!

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Default avatar
  • Brooke

    Is it just me or do these wings make my pants look tight?

  • Nick

    Cameltoe? No, Angeltoe

  • susan

    watch out coz the biebs coming down,nuff said!!

  • Rabia Hussain Khan
    Rabia Hussain Khan

    I belieb I can fly!

  • John Sparacio
    John Sparacio

    "Now the creature has forgotten the creator and is worshiping the created as God”.

  • caroline seevaratnam
    caroline seevaratnam

    "I BELIEVE I can fly ... I BELIEVE I can touch the sky"

  • Gaby Valiente
    Gaby Valiente

    Scooter!!! I have a wedgie!!! Somebody help!!!

  • Krystal Vance
    Krystal Vance

    Have no fear...Cherieber is here!

  • Stephanie

    Well, I can now believe that one of the Apocalipse horsemen has arrived.

  • sara-Valentino

    Justin bieber came down to earth ; )

  • Tina Purice
    Tina Purice

    My pants are inconveniencing me, but I gotta be strong, I got to BELIEVE!

  • Natasha Helene Lawson
    Natasha Helene Lawson

    High as fuck. Having wings and shit..

  • tiphanna

    Victoria's Secret Angels don't have sh*t on me!

  • Ale Zajermonerone
    Ale Zajermonerone

    To infinity and bey-ouch!

  • Ashley

    Do you beliebe in Angels! Yes I believe because Justin is an Angel & he's so awesome!! :)

  • Ma

    Your instrumental high!