Denise Richards’ Dad Breaks the Age Ceiling on ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’

The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger isn’t one to back away from a challenge. So when the love czar wanted to start finding matches for senior citizens and Bravo pushed back, she found a way to do it anyway: Actress Denise Richards’ father will be the show’s first senior millionaire.

“We sounded the alarm for the seniors, because they’ve been begging us for years,” Stanger told Celebuzz. “And Bravo said no. And this was the only way I could do it. It’s going to probably be a staple now, where we actually fix up the parents, so to speak.”

Stanger and Richards have become “celebrity acquaintances” since the matchmaker moved to the west coast and opened up its L.A. offices. “I was shocked [Denise] went for it to be honest,” Stanger tells us.

Irv Richards, a widower of five years, has now dedicated his life to helping his daughter raise his grandchildren, following the passing of his wife in December of 2007. But, he finally felt ready to meet someone special again – with the help of his superstar daughter.

“It’s really hard, because nothing can top her mom,” Stanger says of the challenge. “He was married to his soul mate. And when you have someone who was married to a soul mate, it’s nerve-wracking. I was really scared.”

The Wild Things actress told Stanger that she hoped to find someone “who had a real connection with her dad, down to earth, grounded, understanding.”

“These are family values, they’re just Midwesterners from Chicago,” the Bravolebrity says of Richards, 41, and her 62-year-old father.

But, fans shouldn’t assume there won’t be any surprises just because we’re dealing with homespun values and a senior citizen. May we remind you that his former son-in-law is Charlie Sheen.

“I’ll be surprised if Irv doesn’t get his own TV show after this,” Stanger said. “Because, I thought it was going to be quiet. He was the life of the party.”

The Millionaire Matchmaker airs Tuesdays at 10PM on Bravo.

Watch a preview from the episode below.

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